4. Fragaria Vésca L. European Wood Or Hedge Strawberry

Fig. 2255

Fragaria vesca L. Sp. Pl. 494. 1753.

Stout, tufted, dark-green, generally less villous than the two preceding species. Leaflets ovate or broadly oval, obtuse, dentate, broader but nearly or quite as thick, the terminal one cuneate, the others inequilateral at the base; scape commonly exceeding the leaves, so that the fruit is borne above them, sometimes 12' high, its hairs mostly spreading; calyx-lobes remaining spreading or sometimes reflexed; fruit red, or sometimes white, ovoid-conic, the achenes borne on its smooth and nearly even surface.

In woods, fields and along roadsides. Naturalized from Europe in the Eastern and Middle States; apparently native northward, the white-fruited race native from Connecticut and New York to Ohio and Kentucky. Sow-tit. Sheep-noses. April-June.

5. Fragaria Americŕna (Porter) Brit-Ton. American Wood Strawberry

Fig. 2256

Fragaria vesca var. americana Porter, Bull. Torr.

Club 17: 15. 1890. Fragaria americana Britton, Bull. Torr. Club 19:

222. 1892.

Slender, light green, loosely villous-pubes-cent or glabrate, usually producing runners more freely than any of the preceding species. Leaflets thin, ovate or oval, obtuse or acute at the apex, sharply incised-dentate, the terminal one commonly cuneate, the others inequilateral at the base, pubescent with silvery appressed hairs beneath; flowers smaller than in F. vesca; calyx-lobes spreading or reflexed in fruit; fruit ovoid or elongated-conic, light red or pink, the achenes borne on its glabrous shining even surface and but slightly attached to it.

In rocky woods, Newfoundland to Manitoba, Virginia and New Mexico. May-June.

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