5. Agrimonia Striāta Michx. Britton's Agrimony

Fig. 2271

A. striata Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 287. 1803. Agrimonia Brittoniana Bicknell, Bull. Torr. Club 23: 517. 1896.

Robust, 2°-6° tall, virgately branched. Roots fibrous. Stem hirsute-pubescent with short spreading brownish hairs, sub-appressed above; leaves numerous; leaflets 7-9, rarely 11, oblique to the rachis, tetragonal-elliptic to rhomboid-lanceolate, acute or acuminate, deeply and closely serrate, dull green, thickish, rugose, softly pubescent beneath, glabrate above, their margins finely scabrous-ciliolate; interposed leaf-segments narrow, usually several pairs; stipules lanceolate, acuminate, laciniate; racemes long, erect or ascending; flowers crowded, 3"-5" wide; fruit 3"-4" long, reflexed, long-turbinate, deeply grooved, unmargined; disk flat or concave; bristles often purplish, short, crowded, inflexed and connivent over the sepals.

Along thickets and roadsides, Newfoundland to Saskatchewan, West Virginia, Nebraska and New Mexico. June-Sept.

5 Agrimonia Stri Ta Michx Britton s Agrimony 613

6. Aerimonia Parviflōra Soland. Many-Flowered Agrimony

Fig. 2272

Agrimonia parviflora Soland. in Ait. Hort. Kew. 2: 130. 1789.

Virgately branched, 2°-6° high, with long racemes. Stem densely hirsute with coarse brownish hairs, villous abouve; leaves crowded, the lower often deflexed; leaflets 9-17, close together, spreading, lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, acuminate, sharply serrate, rather thin, glabrous above, pubescent beneath, especially on the veins, very glandular; interposed leaf-segments mostly 4 or 5 crowded pairs; stipules laciniate, acuminate; flowers very numerous, 3"-5" broad; the buds rounded-truncate; fruit loosely reflexed, small, glandular, dilated-turbinate with a prominent elevated disk; bristles reflexed, spreading and erect.

In moist or dry soil, Connecticut, to Michigan, Kansas, Georgia and Mississippi. Roots fibrous. July-Oct.

6 Aerimonia Parvifl Ra Soland Many Flowered Agrimo 614