Trees or shrubs, rarely herbs, with heavy-scented and glandular-punctate foliage, alternate or opposite mainly compound exstipulate leaves, and (in our species) polygamo-dioecious generally cymose flowers. Sepals 3-5, or none. Petals 3-5, hypogynous or perigynous. Stamens of the same number, or twice as many, distinct, inserted on the receptacle; anthers 2-celled, mostly versatile. Disk annular. Pistils 1-5, distinct, or 1 and compound of 2-5 carpels, inserted on the somewhat elongated receptacle. Fruit (in our species) capsular or a samara. Seeds oblong or reniform; embryo straight or curved; endosperm generally fleshy, sometimes none; cotyledons thick or foliaceous.

About no genera and 950 species, most abundant in South Africa and Australia.

Pistils 1-5, distinct; fruit fleshy, capsular.



Pistil 1, 2-celled; fruit a samara.