I. Talinum Teretif˛lium Pursh. Fame-Flower

Fig. 1736

Talinum teretifolium Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 365. 1814.

Perennial, erect, 4'-12' high, leafy at the base. Leaves linear, terete, ą-2 long, about 1" wide, the base broadened and prolonged posteriorly; scape-like peduncles 1-5, terminal, branched, leafless, slender, bracted at the nodes, 3'-6' long; cymes terminal, loose, the branches ascending or divaricate; flowers pink, 6"-8" broad, opening for a day; sepals membranous, deciduous, ovate, obtuse, 2" long, about half the length of the petals; stamens 10-30; style as long as the stamens; stigma-lobes very short; capsule globose, 2" in diameter; bracts of the cyme ovate or ovate-lanceolate, 1" long, prolonged posteriorly.

On dry rocks, Pennsylvania to Minnesota, Kansas, Georgia and Texas. Ascends to 3800 ft. in North Carolina. May-Aug.

2. Talinum RugospÚrmum Holzinger. Prairie Talinum

Fig. 1737

T. rugospermum Holzinger, Asa Gray Bull. 7: 117. 1899.

Perennial or perhaps biennial, though first described as annual, the root deep, the slender scape-like peduncles 10' high or less. Leaves basal, linear, terete, 1'-2' long; cymes and petals like those of T. teretifolium, the pink flowers 6"-8" wide, opening late in the afternoon; sepals deciduous; stamens 12-25, the red filaments very slender, the anthers short, nearly spherical; lobes of the stigma nearly linear, one-fourth to one-third as long as the style; capsule globose, about 2" in diameter; seeds faintly roughened, but scarcely rougher than those of T. teretifolium.

Prairies, Indiana to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Summer.

2 Talinum Rugosp Rmum Holzinger Prairie Talinum 792 Talinum Rugosp Rmum Holzinger Prairie Talinum 80

3. Talinum Parviflorum Nutt. Small-Flowered Talinum

Fig. 1738

Talinum parviflorum Nutt; T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 197. 1838.

Perennial, similar to the preceding species, leafy below. Leaves terete or nearly so, linear, rather more slender, broadened at the base; scape-like peduncles very slender, 3'-8' tall; cymes loose, their branches and pedicels ascending; flowers pink, 4"-5" broad; sepals ovate, deciduous, acute or subacute; stamens 5 (or sometimes fewer?); style somewhat longer than the stamens; capsule oval, 2" high, about 1" in diameter; bracts of the cyme narrowly lanceolate, slightly prolonged posteriorly.

In dry soil, Minnesota to Missouri, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. May-Sept.

4. Talinum Calycinum Engelm. Large-Flowered Talinum

Fig. 1739

Talinum calycinum Engelm. in Wisliz. Rep. 88. 1848.

Perennial, erect from a very thick root, slender, 6'-10' high. Leaves nearly terete, clustered at the base, 1 1/2'-2' long, the base triangular-broadened, slightly prolonged posteriorly; cyme terminal, somewhat compound, scarious-bracted, its branches ascending; flowers pink, 10"-15" broad; sepals broadly ovate, persistent, cuspidate; petals twice as long as the calyx; stamens 12-30; style about twice as long as the stamens; capsule globose-ovoid, about 3" in diameter.

In dry soil, western Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas to Texas. Rock-pink. June.

4 Talinum Calycinum Engelm Large Flowered Talinum 81