37. Crataegus Pállens Beadle. Beadle's Yellow-Fruited Thorn

Fig. 2371

C. pallens Beadle, Bilt. Bot. Stud. 1: 27. 1901. C. amara Ashe, Journ. E Mitch. Soc. 18: 22. 1902. Crataegus fortunata Sarg. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil. 621: 239. 1910.

A shrub or small tree up to 250 high, with ascending branches and numerous slender thorns 1'-2' long. Leaves ovate or ovate-oblong, subcoriaceous, glabrous, 3/4'-2 1/2' long, 1/2'-2 1/2' wide, acute at the apex, broadly cuneate to slightly cordate at the base, serrate or twice serrate with 2 or 3 pairs of acute lobes, the lower pair more deeply cut; corymbs glabrous, few-flowered, flowers 8" or 9" broad; calyx-lobes glabrous outside; stamens 10-20, the anthers usually pink, small; styles and nutlets 2 or 3; fruit globose to short-ellipsoixl, greenish-yellow or yellow, 4"-7" thick; sepals reflexed, usually deciduous; flesh hard at maturity.

Lower altitudes of the Alleghany Mountains, southern Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. May; fruit ripe October.

37 Crataegus P Llens Beadle Beadle s Yellow Fruite 713

38. Crataegus Boyntoni Beadle. Boynton's Thorn

Fig. 2372

C. Boyntoni Beadle, Bot. Gaz. 28: 409. Dec. 1899. Crataegus polybracteata Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Soc. 162: 79.

Feb. 1900. C. Buckleyi Beadle, Bilt. Bot. Stud. 1: 25. 1901. C. foetida Ashe, Ann. Cam. Mus. 1: 389. 1902.

A round-topped, irregularly branched shrub or tree, sometimes 25° high. Spines occasional; leaves ovate to oval, acute at the apex, broadly cuneate or truncate, serrate or doubly serrate with acute or obtuse lobes towards the apex, 1 /34'-2 3/4' long, 1 1/2'-2 1/4' wide, yellow-green above, paler beneath, glabrous; corymbs often slightly pubescent, becoming glabrous; flowers about 10" wide; calyx-lobes but slightly toothed, sometimes entire, stamens 10-15; styles and nutlets 3-5; fruit subglobose, 5"-8" thick, orange-red or red-brown; flesh hard at maturity.

Shaly soils, eastern Massachusetts to central Michigan, South Carolina and central Tennessee. May-June; fruit ripe October.

38 Crataegus Boyntoni Beadle Boynton s Thorn 714

39. Crataegus Flàva Aiton. Summer Or Yellow Haw

Fig. 2373

Crataegus flava Ait. Hort. Kew. 2: 169. 1789. Mespilus caroliniana Poir. in Lam. Encycl. 4: 442. 1797. Crataegus flexispina Lauche, Deutsch. Dend. 569. 1883. Not Mespilus flexispina Moench.

A slender tree, with rough bark and ascending branches, sometimes 200 high, the thorns slender, ¥-2' long. Leaves obovate or ovate, acute or obtuse at the apex, cuneate at the base, 3/4'-2 1/4' long, £'-2' broad, dentate-serrate or doubly so, slightly pubescent above when young, glabrous when mature; petioles 3"-12" long, slightly winged above; corymbs few-flowered; pedicels and calyx slightly pubescent; flowers about 9" broad; calyx-lobes entire, glandular-margined; stamens about 10; anthers pink; styles usually 3 or 4; fruit ellipsoid-pyriform, yellowish-green, sometimes checked with red, about 8" thick; flesh hard at maturity.

Summits of sandy ridges, southeastern Virginia to Florida. Red haw. April; fruit ripe October.

39 Crataegus Fl Va Aiton Summer Or Yellow Haw 715