34. Crataegus PadifÚlia Sargent. Padus-Leaved Thorn

Fig. 2368

C. padifolia Sarg. Trees & Shrubs 2: 75. pl. 135. 1908.

A shrubby tree, sometimes 20° high, with erect and spreading branches forming an open crown. Leaves elliptic-ovate to ovate, |'-2|' long, •-2' wide, acute at the apex, cuneate or rounded at the base, coarsely serrate or doubly serrate, glabrous, membranous, light yellow-green above; corymbs glabrous; flowers 7"-9" broad; stamens about 10, the anthers pink; calyx-lobes ovate, acute, slightly glandular; styles and nutlets 2 or 3; fruit short-ellipsoid to depressed-globose, slightly angled, orange-red, 6" or 7" thick; calyx-tube but slightly enlarged, the lobes small, spreading, deciduous; flesh thin, hard, dry.

Upland woods, southern Missouri. April; fruit ripe September-October.

34 Crataegus Padif Lia Sargent Padus Leaved Thorn 710

35. Crataegus Populifolia Walter. Poplar-Leaved Haw

Fig. 2369

Crataegus populifolia Walt. Fl. Car. 147. 1788.

A shrub or small tree, about 15o high, with ascending and spreading branches forming a round crown. Spines slender, •-2' long; leaves deltoid-ovate or oblong-ovate, 3/4'-2 1/2' long, 1/2'-2' wide, serrate or doubly serrate with acute lobes, acute at the apex, truncate or cordate at the base, membranous, yellow-green above, paler beneath, usually glabrous, sometimes slightly appressed-pubescent above; petioles slender, 1/4'-3/4', glandular; corymbs few-flowered, glabrous (flowers not known); fruit globose, 4"-6" thick, light red, without angles; styles and nutlets 4 or 5; stamens about 10; calyx-lobes ovate-lanceolate, slightly toothed, appressed, usually deciduous; flesh hard at maturity.

Virginia to South Carolina. Fruit ripe in September.

35 Crataegus Populifolia Walter Poplar Leaved Haw 711

36. Crataegus Straminea Beadle. Alleghany Thorn

Fig. 2370

C. straminea Beadle, Bot. Gaz. 30: 345. 1900.

Crataegus intricata Sarg. Rhodora 2: 28. 1901. Not J.

Lange. C. apposita Sarg. Bot. Gaz. 35: 103. 1903. C. Bissellii Sarg. Rhodora 5: 65. 1903.

An irregularly branched shrub, sometimes 10° high, with occasional spines 1'-2' long. Leaves elliptic-ovate, 3/4'~2 3/4' long, 1/2'-2' wide, subcoriaceous, bright yellow-green above, glabrous, acute at the apex, cuneate at the base, serrate or doubly serrate with 3 or 4 pairs of acute lobes towards the apex, the lower pair often more deeply cut; corymbs 3-7-flowered, glabrous; flowers 7"-10" broad; stamens about 10; anthers yellow or sometimes pink; styles and nutlets 3 or 4; fruit pyriform to ellipsoid, angular, about 5" thick, yellow-green; calyx-tube prominent, the lobes reflexed, strongly serrate towards the apex.

Rocky hills, western Vermont to southern Michigan, south through Connecticut to Delaware, to northern Alabama and southern Missouri. May; fruit ripe October.

36 Crataegus Straminea Beadle Alleghany Thorn 712