31. Crataegus Nitida (Engelm.) Sargent. Shining Thorn

Fig. 2365

Crataegus viridis nitida Engelm.; Britton & Brown, 111. Fl.

2: 242. 1897. Crataegus nitida Sarg. Bot. Gaz. 31: 231. 1901.

A tree, sometimes 300 high, with ascending and spreading branches forming a broad irregular crown. Spines occasional, 1'-2' long; leaves oblong-ovate to oval, 1 1/4'-3' long, 3/4'-2 1/4' wide, acute at the apex, cuneate at the base, coarsely serrate or twice serrate with acute lobes towards the apex, dark green, shining above, •paler beneath, glabrous; corymbs many-flowered; flowers 6"-10" broad; stamens about 20; anthers light yellow; calyx-lobes lanceolate, acuminate; styles and nutlets 3-5; fruit globose to short-ellipsoid, dark dull red, 3"-5" thick; nutlets small, ridged on the back.

Bottom-lands, southern Indiana and Illinois. May; fruit ripe October.

32. Crataegus Intricŗta Lange. Lange's Thorn. Biltmore Haw

Fig. 2366

C. intricata Lange, Bot. Tidssk. 19: 264. 1894-95. C. biltmoreana Beadle, Bot. Gaz. 28: 406. 1899. Crataegus modesta Sarg. Rhodora 3: 28. 1901. Crataegus premora Ashe, Ann. Carn. Mus. 1: 391. 1902.

An irregularly branched small shrub, occasionally 15o high. Spines infrequent; leaves elliptic-ovate to broadly ovate, 3/4'-2 3/4' long, I-2• wide, acute, broadly cuneate to truncate, doubly serrate or lobed, rough-pubescent, sometimes becoming scabrous; corymbs and calyx villous, few-flowered; flowers about 12" broad; stamens usually 10, sometimes 20; anthers yellow or pink; styles and nutlets usually 3 or 4; fruit short-ellipsoid to globose, 4"-7" thick, greenish-yellow or becoming dark reddish-brown, slightly pubescent.

Open rocky woods, western New England and New York south to South Carolina and Missouri. Has been mistaken for C. coccinea L. May-June; fruit ripe October-November.

32 Crataegus Intric Ta Lange Lange s Thorn Biltmor 70832 Crataegus Intric Ta Lange Lange s Thorn Biltmor 709

33. Crataegus StÚnei Sargent. Stone's Thorn. Peck's Thorn

Fig. 2367

Crataegus Stonei Sarg. Rhodora 5: 62. 1903. Crataegus Peckii Sarg. Rhodora 5: 63. 1903.

An intricately branched shrub, sometimes 70 high, armed with spines 1'-2' long. Leaves oblong to oblong-ovate, l' - 3' long, 1 1/2'-2 1/2' wide, serrate or doubly serrate with acute or acuminate lobes toward the apex, acute at the -apex, cuneate, yellow-green and scabrate above, slightly pubescent along the veins beneath; corymbs few-flowered, villous; flowers 7"-10" broad; stamens about 10; anthers pink; styles and nutlets 3 or 4; fruit pyriform to short-ellipsoid, 6" or 7" thick, light yellow or yellow-green tinged with red, slightly villous; flesh hard at maturity.

Rocky places, central Massachusetts, Connecticut and eastern New York. May; fruit ripe October.