2. Anemone Parvifl˛ra Micnx. Northern Or Small-Flowered Anemone

Fig. 1881

Anemone parviflora Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. I: 319. 1803.

Sparingly hairy, 4'-12' high from slender rootstocks. Basal leaves long-petioled, 3-parted, the broadly wedge-shaped divisions obtusely lobed or crenate, those of the involucre nearly sessile, similarly lobed; flower I' in diameter or less; sepals oval, very obtuse, white; head of fruit short-oval or globose; achenes densely woolly.

Labrador, Newfoundland and Quebec to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Alaska, south in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Also in northern Asia. May-June.

2 Anemone Parvifl Ra Micnx Northern Or Small Flowe 223

3. Anemone HudsoniÓna Richards. Cut-Leaved Anemone. Red Wind-Flower

Fig. 1882

Anemone hudsoniana Richards. Franklin's Journey 741. 1823.

Silky-hairy, 6'-18' high, sparingly branched, the lateral peduncles involucrate. Basal leaves long-petioled, reniform, 3-5-parted, the divisions cleft into linear acute lobes, those of the involucres short-petioled and more or less cuneate, otherwise similar; sepals 5-9, greenish or red, oblong, forming a flower 1/2'-1' broad; head of fruit globose or oblong, 1/2'-1' long; achenes compressed, densely woolly, tipped with the short subulate styles.

Anticosti and New Brunswick to Maine, New York, Michigan and Minnesota. Summer.

The similar A. glob˛sa Nutt., of the Rocky Mountains, with larger flowers, occurs in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Manitoba, and is reported from Nebraska. Both have been confused with A. multifida Poir, of southern South America, which they much resemble.

3 Anemone Hudsoni Na Richards Cut Leaved Anemone R 224

4. Anemone Cylindrica A. Gray. Long-Fruited Anemone

Fig. 1883

Anemone cylindrica A. Gray, Ann. Lyc. N. Y. 3: 221. 1836.

Silky-hairy throughout, 1°-2° high, branched at the involucre. Basal leaves tufted, long-petioled, broader than long, 3-5-parted, the divisions cuneate-obovate or cuneate-oblanceolate, narrow; those of the involucre similar, their petioles about 1' long; sepals 5-6, greenish-white, oblong, generally obtuse; flowers about 9" broad, on elongated generally naked peduncles; head of fruit cylindric, 1' in length or more; achenes compressed, woolly, tipped with the minute styles.

Open places, eastern New Brunswick to Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Kansas and Saskatchewan. Also in the Rocky Mountains, south to New Mexico, and in British Columbia. June-Aug.

4 Anemone Cylindrica A Gray Long Fruited Anemone 2254 Anemone Cylindrica A Gray Long Fruited Anemone 226