3. Aesculus Arg˙ta Buckl. Shrubby Or Western Buckeye

Fig. 2817

Ae. arguta Buckl. Proc. Phil. Acad. 1860: 443. 1860.

A shrub, 3°-10° high, or a small tree, with smooth bark. Twigs, young petioles, leaves and inflorescence somewhat pubescent, becoming glabrate; leaflets 7-9, narrow, 3'-4' long, about 1' wide, long-acuminate, unequally serrate; inflorescence dense, 4'-6' long; flowers yellow, " the centre reddish "; calyx broadly campanulate, its lobes very obtuse; stamens exserted, curved; petals parallel, 5"-6" long; fruit very spiny when young.

Missouri and Kansas to Texas, and recorded from Iowa. Similar to the preceding species, but apparently distinct. March-April.

4. Aesculus OctÓndra Marsh. Yellow Sweet Or Big Buckeye

Fig. 2818

Aesculus octandra Marsh. Arb. Am. 4. 1785.

Ae. lutea Wang. Schrift. Nat. Fr. Berl. 8: 133. pl. 6. 1788.

Aesculus flava Ait. Hort. Kew. 1: 494. 1789.

Aesculus hybrida DC. Cat. Hort. Monsp. 75. 1813.

Ae. flava var. purpurascens A. Gray, Man. Ed. 3, 118. 1867.

A large tree, with maximum height of 85°-90° and trunk diameter of 2i°-3°, rarely reduced to a shrub; bark dark brown, scaly. Leaves petioled, the petiole commonly slightly pubescent; leaflets 5, rarely 7, 4'-7' long, 2'-3' wide, oval, glabrous or pubescent on the veins above, more or less pubescent beneath, acuminate at the apex, the lower ones oblique, the others cuneate at the base, all finely serrate; inflorescence rather loose, puberulent; flowers yellow; petals 4, long-clawed, connivent, the 2 upper narrower and longer than the lower; stamens included; fruit smooth even when young.

Woods, Alleghany Co., Pa., to Georgia, west to Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas. Wood soft, creamy white; weight per cubic foot 27 lbs. Large buckeye. April-May.

4 Aesculus Oct Ndra Marsh Yellow Sweet Or Big Buck 11604 Aesculus Oct Ndra Marsh Yellow Sweet Or Big Buck 1161

5. Aesculus PÓvia L. Red Or Little Buckeye

Fig. 2819

Aesculus Pavia L. Sp. Pl. 344. 1753.

A shrub, 4°-12° high, rarely a small tree up to 18o high. Leaflets 5-7, stalked, oblong, lanceolate, or obovate, 3'-5' long, 1'-1 1/2' wide, acute or short-acuminate at the apex, all narrowed at the base, finely serrate, nearly glabrous on both sides when mature, shining; inflorescence loose; peduncles 1-3-flowered; flowers bright red-purple, 1'-1 1/2' long; calyx tubular, its lobes short; petals 4, connivent, the upper longer than the lower; stamens about equalling the longer petals; fruit smooth; seeds dark brown.

In rich soil, Virginia to Florida, west to Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas. Fish-poison. April-May.

Aesculus austrina Small, Southern Buckeye, a similar shrub or small tree, has leaves tomentose beneath, and yellow-brown seeds: it inhabits the South-central States, ranging north to Missouri.