7. Pyrola Minor L. Lesser Wintergreen

Fig. 3203

Pyrola minor L. Sp. P;. 396. 1753.

Scapes slender, 8' high or less, several-flowered. Leaf-blades rather thin, broadly oval, or nearly orbicular, dark green, crenulate, obtuse but sometimes mucronate at the apex, rounded, slightly narrowed, or subcordate at the base, 9'-18" long; flowers racemose, nodding, white or pinkish, $" - 4" broad; pedicels 1"-2 1/2" long, equalling or longer than the bracts; calyx-lobes mostly triangular-ovate and acute, much shorter than the connivent petals; style straight, included; stamens not declined, connivent around the pistil; petals oval or orbicular, obtuse; capsule about 2 1/2" in diameter.

In woods, Greenland and Labrador to Alaska, south to northern New England, Ontario, Michigan and Oregon, south in the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico. Also in Europe and Asia. Wood-lily. Shin-leaf. June-Aug.

8. Pyrola Secśnda L. Serrated Or One-Sided Wintergreen

Fig. 3204

Pyrola secunda L. Sp. Pl. 396. 1753.

Pyrola secunda pumila Paine, Cat. Plants Oneida Co., N. Y. 135.

Scapes usually several together from the much-branched rootstock, slender, 2'-10' high. Leaf-blades ovate, or oval, or nearly orbicular, mostly thin, acute, or rarely obtuse at the apex, rounded or narrowed at the base, crenulate-serrulate, 6"-2' long, longer than their petioles; flowers many, in a dense one-sided raceme, at first erect, soon drooping, white or greenish-white, 3"-4" broad; pedicels short; calyx-lobes ovate, obtuse, or obtusish, very short; petals oval, obtuse, with a pair of tubercles at the base, cam-panulate-connivent; style straight, exserted; stamens not declined, connivent around the pistil; capsule about 2" in diameter.

In woods and thickets, Labrador to Alaska, south to the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nebraska, along the Rocky Mountains to Mexico and to California. Ascends to 3000 ft. in the Adirondacks. Also in Europe and Asia. Shin-leaf. June-July.

8 Pyrola Sec Nda L Serrated Or One Sided Wintergre 1546