1. Styrax AmericÓna Lam. Smooth Storax

Fig. 3310

Styrax americana Lam. Encycl. 1: 82. 1783.

A shrub 4°-10° high, the foliage glabrous or very nearly so throughout. Leaves green on both sides, oblong, oval or obovate, acute or obtuse at the apex, narrowed at the base, entire, or toothed, 1'-3' long, 1/2'-1 1 /2' wide; petioles 2"-4" long, often scurfy when young; flowers few in the mostly short racemes or sometimes solitary, 4"-7" long, about the length of their pedicels; calyx and pedicels glandular-dotted; petals oblong-lanceolate, acute, puberulent on the outer surface or glabrous, valvate or but slightly overlapping in the bud; fruit sub-globose, puberulent, about 3" in diameter.

In moist thickets and along streams, Virginia to Florida. Illinois. Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. Spring-orange. March-April.

1 Styrax Americ Na Lam Smooth Storax 16521 Styrax Americ Na Lam Smooth Storax 1653

2. Styrax PulverulŔnta Michx. Downy Storax

Fig. 3311

Styrax pulverulenta Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 41. 1803.

Similar to the preceding species, but the lower surfaces of the leaves, the calyx and pedicels are densely stellate-pubescent or scurfy. Leaves oval or oblong, usually acute at each end and denticulate, short-petioled, l'-2 1/2' long, pale beneath; flowers in short terminal racemes and often in pairs in the axils, 4"-7" long, usually longer than:heir pedicels; petals oblong-lanceolate, acute, puberulent on both sides or only on:he exterior, convolute or imbricated in the bud; fruit globose, puberulent, about 3" in diameter.

In moist woods and thickets, Virginia to Florida, Arkansas and Texas March-April.

3. Styrax grandif˛lia Ait. Large-leaved Storax. Fie. 3312.

Styrax grandifolia Ait. Hort. Kew. 2:75. 1789.

A shrub, 5°-12° high. Leaves obovate or oval, dentate, denticulate or entire, short-petioled, tomentose or canescent and pale beneath, green and glabrous above, 2'-6' long, or on young shoots much larger; flowers 5"-8" long, longer than their pedicels, mostly several in loose sometimes elongated racemes; rachis, pedicels and calyx stellate-tomentose; petals oblong, acutish, imbricated or convolute in the bud, puberulent without and often also within; fruit obovoid, puberulent. about 4" long.

In woods. Virginia to Florida and Alabama. Mock-orange. March-May.

2 Styrax Pulverul Nta Michx Downy Storax 1654