Characters of the family. [Greek, without glory, i. e., insignificant.]

1 Adoxa L Sp Pl 367 1753 665

1. Adoxa Moschatelhna L. Musk-Root. Hollow-Root. Moschatel

Fig. 3994

Adoxa Moschatellina L. Sp. Pl. 367. 1753.

Stems simple, weak, erect, 3'-6' high, bearing a pair of opposite ternate leaves usually above the middle. Basal leaves 1-4. long-petioled, ternately compound, the segments broadly ovate or orbicular, obtuse, thin, 3-cleft or 3-parted, the lobes obtuse and mucronulate; head 3"-4" in diameter, composed of 3-6-flowers; corolla of the terminal flower 4-5-lobed, those of the others usually 5-6-lobed; drupe green, bearing the persistent (calyx-lobes above the middle.

In shaded rocky places, Arctic America, south to Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Colorado. Also in northern Europe and Asia. Other English names are bulbous fumitory, glory-less, musk-crowfoot or wood-crowfoot. Odor musky. May.