Erect, paniculately-branched herbs, perennial by long rootstocks, with linear or linear-lanceolate, entire, sessile, 1-5-nerved punctate leaves, and very numerous small heads of both tubular and radiate yellow flowers, clustered in the large corymbose, convex or nearly flat-topped inflorescence. Bracts of the involucre obtuse, imbricated in several series, appressed, somewhat glutinous. Receptacle flattish, fimbrillate, or pilose. Ray-flowers pistillate, usually more numerous than the disk-flowers, the rays small. Disk-flowers perfect. Anthers obtuse at the base. Style-branches with lanceolate appendages. Achenes top-shaped or oblong, villous-pubescent. [Greek, referring to the clustered heads.]

About 10 species, natives of North America. Type species: Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. Leaves distinctly 3-5-ribbed; heads 20-30-flowered. Involucre 2"-21/2" high, the bracts yellowish.

1. E. graminifolia.

Involucre less than 2" high, the bracts with appressed green tips.

2. E. flonbunda.

Leaves 1-ribbed, or with a pair of indistinct lateral nerves; heads rarely more than 20-flowered. Involucre 2 1/2"-3" high; southwestern species. Leaves 2"-4" wide; involucre scarcely viscid.

3. E. leptocephala.

Leaves 1"-2 1/2" wide; involucre very viscid.

4. E. gymnospermoides.

Involucre 2 high, or less.

Leaves 1"-2 1/2" wide; involucre campanulate.

5. E. tenuifolia.

Leaves less than 1 wide; involucre subcyhndric.

6. E. minor.

1. Euthamia Graminifolia (L.) Nutt. Bushy, Fragrant, Or Flat-Topped Golden-Rod

Fig. 4262

Chrysocoma graminifolia L. Sp. Pl. 841. 1753. Solidago lanceolata L. Mant. 114. 1767. S. graminifolia Salisb. Prodr. 109. 1796. E. graminifolia Nutt. Gen. 2: 162. 1818. E. Nuttallii Greene, Pittonia 5: 73. 1902. E. camporum Greene, loc. cit. 74. 1902.

Stem paniculately much branched, or rarely simple, glabrous or roughish-pubescent, 2°-4° high. Leaves numerous, linear-lanceolate, acuminate or acute at each end, 1'-5' long, 2"-4" wide, 3-5-nerved, minutely rough-pubescent on the margins and nerves of the lower surface; resinous dots few; heads 2"-21/2" high, sessile in capitate clusters arranged in a flat-topped compound corymb; involucre ovoid-campanulate to subcylindric, its yellowish bracts oblong or oblong-lanceolate, slightly viscid; rays 12-20; disk-flowers 8-12.

In moist soil, fields and roadsides. New Brunswick to Saskatchewan, Alberta, Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming. Fragrant. July-Sept.

1 Euthamia Graminifolia L Nutt Bushy Fragrant Or F 933

2. Euthamia Floribunda Greene. Small-Headed Bushy Golden-Rod

Fig. 4263

E. floribunda Greene, Pittonia 5: 74. 1902. Solidago polycephala Fernald, Rhodora 10: 93. 1908.

Finely roughish-pubescent, at least above, paniculately branched, 2°-3° high. Leaves linear-lanceolate, the larger 2-3' long, 2i"-3" wide, 3-nerved, those of the branches much smaller, spreading or deflexed; heads numerous, small, 1 1/2"-2" high, sessile or very nearly so in small corymbed clusters; involucre turbinate, its glutinous bracts puberulent, their triangular-lanceolate green tips appressed.

Fields and borders of marshes, southern New Jersey, and recorded from eastern Pennsylvania. Aug-Oct

2 Euthamia Floribunda Greene Small Headed Bushy Go 9342 Euthamia Floribunda Greene Small Headed Bushy Go 935