49. Solidago Houghtonii T. & G. Houghton's Golden-Rod

Fig. 4261

Solidago Houghtonii T. & G.; A. Gray, Man. 211. 1848.

Stem slender, glabrous below, sparingly pubescent above, 1 -2° high. Leaves linear, the basal and lower ones petioled, 4'-5' long, 2"-4" wide, 3-nerved, entire, acute at each end, the upper smaller, sessile, slightly conduplicate, otherwise similar, the uppermost small and bract-like; heads about 3" high, few, in a small corymbose cyme, 20-30-flowered; involucre broadly campanulate, its bracts oblong, obtuse; achenes glabrous, 4-5-nerved.

In swamps, north shores of Lakes Michigan and Huron, and in Genesee Co., N. Y. Recorded from Lake Superior. Autumn.