45. Solidago Drummondii T. & G. Drummond's Golden-Rod

Fig. 4257

Solidago Drummondii T. & G. Fl. N. A. 2: 217. 1841.

Stem rather slender, 1°-3° high, finely soft-pubescent. Leaves rather thin, broadly ovate or oval, glabrous or nearly so above, finely, but sometimes sparingly, pubescent, or rough-ish beneath, sharply serrate, acute at the apex, narrowed at the base, 3-nerved and pinnately veined, petioled, or the upper sessile, the larger 3-4' long, 1 1/2'-2' wide; heads 2"-21/2" high, secund on the usually few, spreading or recurving branches of the panicle; bract-like upper leaves obtuse, or acute, entire; rays 4-6, conspicuous; bracts of the involucre oblong-lanceolate, obtuse; achenes pubescent.

In rocky soil, Illinois to Louisiana and Missouri. Sept.-Oct.

46. Solidago Rigida L. Stiff Or Hard-Leaved Golden-Rod

Fig. 4258

Solidago rigida L. Sp. Pl. 880. 1753-Oligoneuron canescens Rydb. Bull. Torr. Club 31: 652. 1905.

Stem stout, simple, or branched above, densely and finely rough-pubescent, hoary, 1°-5° high. Leaves thick, flat, rigid, ovate to oblong, pinnately veined, often obtuse, rough on both sides, or smoothish beneath, the upper sessile, clasping, and rounded or sometimes narrowed at the base, 1'-2' long, mostly entire; lower and basal leaves long-petioled, sometimes 1° long and 3' wide, entire or serrulate; heads 4"-5" high, many-flowered, in a terminal dense, compound corymb, the clusters sometimes slightly secund; involucre broadly cam-panulate, its bracts oblong, obtuse, the outer pubescent; rays 6-10, large; achenes glabrous, 10-15-nerved.

In dry sandy, gravelly or rocky soil, Ontario to Saskatchewan, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas and Colorado. Aug.-Oct.

Solidago corymbdsa Ell., of the Southern States, differing by being less rough and with slightly smaller heads, probably a race of this species, ranges north into Ohio.

46 Solidago Rigida L Stiff Or Hard Leaved Golden R 92946 Solidago Rigida L Stiff Or Hard Leaved Golden R 930

47. Solidago Ohioensis Riddell. Ohio Golden-Rod

Fig. 4259

Solidago ohioensis Riddell, Syn. Fl. West. States 57. 1835.

Very smooth throughout; stem rather slender, simple, 2°-3° high. Leaves firm, pinnately veined, flat, the basal and lower ones elongated-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, obtuse, long-petioled, serrulate toward the end, or entire, often 1° long; upper leaves sessile, lanceolate, entire, gradually smaller and those of the inflorescence bractlike; heads 21/2"-3" high, numerous in a terminal compound corymb, 15-25-flowered; rays 6-9, small; bracts of the narrowly cam-panulate involucre oblong, very obtuse, glabrous; achenes glabrous, 5-nerved.

In moist soil, western New York and southern Ontario to Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Aug.-Sept.

48. Solidago Riddellii Frank. Riddell's Golden-Rod

Fig. 4260

Solidago Riddellii Frank; Riddell, Syn. Fl. West. States 57. 1835.

Stem stout, glabrous, or slightly pubescent above, 1°-3° high. Leaves numerous, thick, glabrous on both sides, entire, acute at each end, the lower and basal ones long-petioled, elongated, lanecolate, somewhat triple-nerved and conduplicate, often 1° long, 4"-10" wide, the upper smaller, similar, sessile and clasping at the base, conduplicate, somewhat falcate; heads 3"-4" high, 20-30-flowered, very numerous in a dense corymb; involucre oblong-cam-panulate, its bracts broadly oblong, obtuse; rays 7-9, narrow; achenes 5-nerved, glabrous.

On moist prairies, Ontario to Minnesota, Ohio and Missouri. Also at Fortress Monroe, Va. A supposed hybrid with S. rigida L. occurs in Iowa. Aug.-Sept.

48 Solidago Riddellii Frank Riddell s Golden Rod 93148 Solidago Riddellii Frank Riddell s Golden Rod 932