10. Agalinis Parvifolia (Chapm.) Small. Ten-Lobed Agalinis

Fig. 3827

Gerardia parvifolia Chapm. Fl. S. U. S. 300. 1860.

Gerardia decemloba Greene, Pittonia 4: 51. 1899.

Annual, pale green, usually roughish; stems 8'-2 1/20 tall, simple or branched above, striate-angled, the branches mostly ascending. Leaves few, remote, linear-spatulate, to narrowly linear, more or less revolute, 2 1/2" - 10" long or rarely slightly longer, scabrous-pubescent above; pedicel exceeding the calyx; calyx campanulate or turbinate-campanulate, 1"-1 1/2" high, the lobes minute, triangular; corolla light rose-colored, about ' long, or less, the lobes obcor-date or deeply emarginate; capsules globose-ovoid, or oval, 1 1/2"- 2' long, apiculate.

In dry sandy soil or on banks, Massachusetts to Florida and Louisiana. Aug.-Oct.

11. Agalinis Skinneriana (Wood) Britton. Skinner's Agalinis

Fig. 3828

Gerardia Skinneriana Wood, Classbook 408. 1847.

?G. tenuifolia asperula A. Gray, Bot. Gaz. 4: 153. 1879.

Annual, roughish; stem strict, striate, branched, or sometimes simple, 6'-18' high, very slender, the branches erect or ascending. Leaves setaceous, ascending or commonly erect and appressed, 1/2'-1' long, 1/2" wide or less, the uppermost minute; pedicels longer than the calyx, scarcely longer than the flowers, 2-4 times the length of the capsule; calyx-teeth minute; corolla light purple, 5"- 6" long and about as broad, glabrous without, its lobes ciliolate; capsule oblong, 2"-3" high, considerably longer than the calyx.

In dry sandy woods and thickets, Indiana to Minnesota and Kansas. Recorded from Ontario. Aug.-Oct.

Gerardia viridis Small, differing by more widely spreading pedicels and narrow calyx-teeth often one-half as long as the tube, inhabits the western Gulf States and is recorded as extending northward into Missouri.

11 Agalinis Skinneriana Wood Britton Skinner s Aga 49911 Agalinis Skinneriana Wood Britton Skinner s Aga 500

12. Agalinis Setacea (Walt.) Raf. Thread-Leaved Agalinis

Fig. 3829

Gerardia setacea Walt. Fl. Car. 170. 1788.

A. setacea Raf. New Fl. N. A. 2: 64. 1836.

G. Holmiana Greene, Pittonia 4: 52. 1899.

Annual, smooth or slightly scabrous; stems T°-2° tall, loosely branching, the branches mostly ascending. Leaves rather numerous, mostly opposite, linear-filiform or setaceous-filiform, 1/4' - 1 1/4' long, scabrous or nearly smooth; pedicels very slender, 1/2' - 1 1/2' long; calyx campanulate, 1 1/2"- 2" long, the lobes broadly triangular, about i as long as the tube; corolla rose purple, 5"- 8" long or rarely larger; capsules subglo-bose or globose-oval, 2"-2i" in diameter.

In dry soil or pine barrens, New Jersey to Florida and Texas. Aug.-Oct.

13. Agalinis Gattingeri Small. Gattinger's Agalinis

Fig. 3830

Gerardia Gattingeri Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 1078. 1903.

Annual, smooth or slightly scabrous; stem 8'-2° tall, wiry, with smooth very slender long branches. Leaves numerous, linear-filiform or almost filiform, 1/2'-1 1/4' long, acute, smooth or slightly roughened; pedicels spreading or ascending, filiform, 1/2'-1' long, less than twice the length of the leaves; calyx campanulate, its teeth subulate or linear-subulate, much shorter than the tube; corolla rose purple, 8"-10" long; capsules subglobose, 1 3/4"-2" in diameter.

In dry soil or woods, Wisconsin and Iowa to Tennessee and Texas. Aug.-Oct.

13 Agalinis Gattingeri Small Gattinger s Agalinis 501