Herbs, the flowers in terminal heads subtended by a many-leaved involucre. Calyx-tube campanulate, adnate to the ovary, the limb 5-divided. Corolla at first tubular, splitting later to the base into 5 linear or linear-oblanceolate segments. Filaments subulate. Anthers united at the base, free above. Ovary inferior, 2-celled; stigma club-shaped. Capsule 2-celled, dehiscent by two terminal pores. [Greek name of some medicinal plant.]

Five species of central Europe and the Mediterranean Region, the following typical.

3 Jasione L Sp Pl 928 1753 698

1. Jasione Montana L. Sheep's-Bit

Fig. 4027

Jasione montana L. Sp. Pl. 928. 1753.

Annual or biennial, with several stems from a simple root; stems 6'-12' high, branched above, leafy below, decumbent, erect or ascending, the branches spreading. Leaves linear, rough-hairy, sessile; flowers in long-peduncled hemispherical heads; corolla blue, seldom white or pink.

In waste places, Massachusetts to southern New Yoik. Ad-ventive from Europe. June-Sept.