2. Pedicularis Euphrasioides Steph. Eyebright Pedicularis

Fig. 3847

P. euphrasoides Steph.; Willd. Sp. Pl. 3: 204. 1801.

Biennial or annual, puberulent; stem branched, 6'-15' high, the branches ascending. Lower leaves petioled, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate in outline, 2-4' long, 4"-8" wide, pinnatifid into oblong, obtuse, crenate-dentate segments; upper leaves sessile, linear or linear-oblong, smaller, merely crenulate; flowers in a short terminal spike and solitary in the upper axils; calyx cleft on the lower side, 2-3-toothed on the upper, shorter than the corolla-tube; corolla yellow, or the galea purplish, about 6" long; galea as long as the tube, tipped with a very short truncate beak, minutely 2-toothed on the lower side at the apex; capsule apparently shorter than the calyx.

Labrador to Greenland, the Arctic Sea, Alaska and British Columbia. Also in northern Asia. Summer.

2 Pedicularis Euphrasioides Steph Eyebright Pedicu 518

3. Pedicularis Palustris L. Purple Pedicularis. Marsh Lousewort

Fig. 3848

Pedicularis palustris L. 607. 1753.

?P. parviflora J. E. Smith in Rees' Cyclop. 26: No. 4.

1814. Pedicularis Wlassoviana Stev. Mem. Soc. Nat. Mosc.

6: 29. pl. 9, f. 1. 1823. Pedicularis palustris var. Wlassoviana Bunge;

Ledeb. Fl. Ross. 3: 283. 1847-49.

Biennial or annual, glabrous throughout, or the petiole-bases ciliate; stem erect, much branched, 1°-2° high. Leaves 1'-2' long, alternate, or some of them opposite, oblong-lanceolate in outline, all pinnatifid into oblong crenate or incised segments; flowers in terminal rather loose spikes and solitary in the upper axils, 7"-9" long; calyx 2-cleft, the lobes with an incised crested border; corolla purple, sometimes white, its tube twice as long as the calyx, the lip much shorter, the galea arched at the top, blunt or apiculate, not beaked, bearing a pair of minute teeth below its summit; capsule obliquely ovate, twice as long as the calyx when mature.

In wet situations, Labrador to Alaska, south to Quebec, the Northwest Territory and Oregon. Europe. Summer. Red rattle. Cow's-wort.

3 Pedicularis Palustris L Purple Pedicularis Marsh 5193 Pedicularis Palustris L Purple Pedicularis Marsh 520

4. Pedicularis Lanceolata Michx. Swamp Lousewort

Fig. 3849

Pedicularis lanceolata Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 18. 1803. Pedicularis auriculata J. E. Smith in Rees' Cyclop. 26: No. 4. 1814.

Perennial, glabrous or very nearly so throughout; stem stout, simple, or branched above, 1°-3° high, the branches erect. Leaves alternate and opposite, lanceolate, or linear-lanceolate, 2-5' long, pinnately lobed, the lower petioled, the upper sessile, the lobes oblong, obtuse, short, crenate-dentate, the margins cartilaginous; spikes short; calyx 2-lobed, the lobes with folia-ceous margins; corolla yellow, 8"-10" long, the galea arched, terminated by a very short truncate beak, the lower lip erect-ascending; capsule ovate, little exceeding the calyx, about 5" high.

In swamps, Ontario to Connecticut, North Carolina, Manitoba, Ohio, Michigan, South Dakota and Nebraska. Aug.-Oct.