Hort. Petrop. 2: 35. 1836. [Krynitzkia F. & M. Ind. Sem. Hort. Petrop. 7: 52. 1841.] Low annual setose or hispid branched herbs, with narrow alternate entire leaves, and small mostly white flowers, in scorpioid bractless or bracteolate spikes. Calyx 5-parted or 5-cleft, at length deciduous from the spike, the lobes or segments erect, mostly connivent in fruit. Corolla small, funnelform, usually with 5 scales closing the throat, the lobes imbricated in the bud. Stamens included; filaments short. Ovary 4-divided; style short; stigma capitellate. Nutlets erect, rounded on the back, not keeled, the margins obtuse, acute or wing-margined, attached laterally to the conic or elongated receptacle, the scar of attachment mostly longer than broad. [Greek, hidden-flowered.]

About 50 species, natives of North and South America, mostly of the western United States. Type species: Cryptantha glomerata Lehm. Nutlets, at least some of them, with short processes.

1. C. crassisepala.

All four nutlets smooth and shining.

2. C. Fendleri.

1. Cryptantha Crassisepala (T. & G.) Greene. Thick-Sepaled Cryptanthe

Fig. 3517

Eritrichium crassisepalum T. & G. Pac. R. R.

Rep. 2: 171. 1854. Krynitzkia crassisepala A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 20: 268. 1885. Cryptanthe crassisepala Greene, Pittonia 1:

112. 1887.

Densely hispid, at length much branched, 3'- 6' high. Leaves linear, or linear-spatulate, 1/2'-1 1/2' long, sessile, or the lower narrowed into petioles; spikes very densely flowered; flowers about 2" broad, sessile, bracteolate, the bractlets slightly longer than the calyx; fruiting calyx 3" long, closing over the fruit, its segments linear, obtusish, their midribs much thickened; fruit of 3 finely muricate nutlets, and 1 larger smooth and shining nutlet about 1" long, attached to the receptacle from the base to near the middle.

In dry soil, Saskatchewan to Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and New Mexico. Rosita. June - Aug.

1 Cryptantha Crassisepala T G Greene Thick Sepaled 188

2. Cryptantha Fendleri (A. Gray) Greene. Fendler's Cryptanthe

Fig. 3518

Krynitzkia Fendleri A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad.

20: 268. 1885. Cryptanthe Fendleri Greene, Pittonia 1: 120.


Erect, hispid; stem slender, paniculately branched, 6-15' high. Leaves linear, or the lowest linear-spatulate, l'-2 1/2' long; spikes slender, bracteolate only at the base; flowers sessile, 1"-2" broad; fruiting calyx nearly closed, its segments linear, leaf-like, herbaceous, about 2" long; nutlets 4, all alike, brown, smooth and shining, less than 1" long, attached to the receptacle from the base to about the middle.

In dry soil, Saskatchewan to Washington, south to Nebraska and Arizona. June-Aug.

2 Cryptantha Fendleri A Gray Greene Fendler s Cryp 189