6. Vinceoxicum Snortii (A. Gray) Britton. Short's Vincetoxicum

Fig. 3421

Gonolobus obliquus var. Shcrtii A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 2:

Part 1, 104. 1878. G. Shortii A. Gray, loc. cit. Ed. 2, 404. 1886. V. Shortii Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 266. 1894.

Stem pubescent, or hirsute with spreading hairs. Leaves downy, broadly ovate, acute or short-acuminate at the apex, deeply cordate at the base and when old with a narrow or closed sinus, 4-7' long, 1 1/2'-5 1/2' wide; petioles stout, pubescent, 1 1/2'- 3' long; peduncles usually longer than the petioles; umbels several-flowered; pedicels 1' long or more; corolla oblong-conic in the bud, dark crimson-purple, its lobes linear, 5"-7" long, 5-7 times as long as the hirsute calyx; crown cup-shaped, fleshy, as high as the anthers, its margin about 10-toothed, the alternate teeth thinner and longer, emarginate or 2-parted, the others broader, thicker, with an obscure internal crest or ridge below the summit; follicles warty.

In thickets, Pennsylvania to eastern Kentucky and Georgia. Flowers with the odor of the strawberry-shrub. June-Aug.

6 Vinceoxicum Snortii A Gray Britton Short s Vince 92

7. Vincetoxicum Baldwinianum (Sweet) Britton. Baldwin's Vincetoxicum

Fig. 3422

Gonolobus Baldwinianus Sweet; A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 2:

Part 1, 104. 1876. Vincetoxicum Baldwinianum Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 265. 1894.

Stem pubescent and hirsute. Leaves downy, broadly ovate, acute, or short-acuminate at the apex, deeply cordate at the base, 3'-6' long, or more; petioles hirsute, 1'-2' long; peduncles 6"-12" long, usually longer than the pedicels; umbels several-many-flowered; corolla white or cream-color, the lobes thin, oblong, or becoming spatulate, 4"-5" long; crown thin, the 5 broader lobes quadrate, emarginate, or obscurely toothed; in their sinuses a pair of very slender linear-subulate teeth of more than double their length, much surpassing the stigma.

Missouri and Arkansas to Georgia. May-June.

Periploca graeca L., silk-vine, a handsome woody climber, with glabrous ovate-oblong leaves and brownish flowers in umbels, the obtuse corolla-segments villous on the inner side has been collected as an escape from cultivation.

7 Vincetoxicum Baldwinianum Sweet Britton Baldwin  93