2. Dasystephana Puberula (Michx.) Small. Downy Gentian

Fig. 3354

Gentiana puberula Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 176. 1803. D. puberula Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 930. 1903.

Perennial; stems usually solitary, leafy, 8-18'high, minutely puberulent or glabrous, nearly terete. Leaves firm, lanceolate, or the lower oblong, roughish-margined, indistinctly nerved, pale beneath, narrowed or rounded at the base, 1-3' long; flowers sessile or nearly so in the upper axils, rarely solitary and terminal, 2-bracteolate under the calyx, l 1/2'-2' high; calyx-lobes linear-lanceolate, equal, about as long as the tube, rough; corolla campanulate-funnelform, 2-3 times as long as the calyx, its lobes ovate, entire, spreading, much longer than the cleft or laciniate appendages; anthers at first connivent, soon separate; seeds oblong, broadly winged.

On prairies, Maryland to Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, Georgia and Kansas. Aug.-Oct.

3. Dasystephana Parvifolia (Chapm.) Small. Elliott's Gentian

Fig. 3355

?Gentiana rigida Raf. Med. Fl. 1: 212. 1832. Gentiana Elliottii Chapm. Fl. S. States, 356. 1860.

Not Raf. ?Gentiana scaberrima Kusnezow, Act. Hort. Petrop.

13: 59. 1893-D. parvifolia Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 930. 1903. D. latifolia Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 930. 1903.

Perennial; roots a cluster of thick fibres; stems slender, leafy, terete, minutely rough-puberulent, simple, 8'-2° high. Leaves ovate or lanceolate, acute or acutish at the apex, rounded or narrowed at the base, thin, roughish-margined, 1-2' long, 3-nerved, or the lower much smaller and obtuse; flowers 1-4, terminal, or rarely I or 2 in the upper axils, about 2' long, sessile, 2-bracteolate under the glabrous calyx; calyx-lobes oblong or lanceolate, foliaceous, longer than the tube; corolla campanulate-funnelform, blue, its lobes ovate, obtuse, sometimes mucronate, entire, 3"-4" long, about twice as long as the fimbriate or toothed appendages; anthers cohering in a tube; seeds oblong, broadly winged.

In moist soil, Virginia to Florida. Sampson snake-root. Sept.-Oct.

Gentiana decora Pollard, of the same range, differs in having the calyx-tube pubescent.

3 Dasystephana Parvifolia Chapm Small Elliott s Ge 263 Dasystephana Parvifolia Chapm Small Elliott s Ge 27

4. Dasystephana Saponaria (L.) Small. Soapwort Or Blue-Gentian

Fig. 3356

Gentiana Saponaria L. Sp. Pl. 228. 1753. Gentiana Ca'.csbaci Walt. Fl. Car. 109. 1788. D. Saponaria Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 930. 1903.

Perennial; stem erect or ascending, terete, slender, simple or with short erect axillary branches, glabrous, or minutely rough-puber-ulent above, 1°-2 1/2° high, leafy. Leaves lanceolate, ovate-lanceolate or oblong, usually acute at both ends, 3-5-nerved, roughish-mar-gined, 2-4' long, the lowest obovate and smaller; flowers 1-2' high, in sessile terminal and usually also axillary clusters of 1-5, 2-bractco!ate under the calyx; calyx-lobes oblong or spatulale, ciliolate; corolla blue, club-shaped, its lobes erect, obtuse, equaling or longer than the cleft or lacerate appendages; anthers cohering in a tube; capsule stip-itate; seeds broadly winged.

In wet soil, Ontario to Minnesota, Connecticut, Florida and Louisiana. Calathian violet. Harvest-bells. Rough or marsh-gentian. Sampson snake-root. Aug.-Oct.