XV. Juncaceae. Rush Family

Rush-like or grass-like herbs; leaves alternate, sheathing, channelled or terete; flowers small, liliaceous in structure, but sedge like in aspect and texture, regular, hypogynous, persistent; fruit seeds anatropous with a tiny embryo enclosed within the base of fleshy albumen.

I. Juncus. (Tourn.) L.

1. J. Mertensianus. Bong. Merten's Bog Rush.

2. J. triglumis. L. Threc-floiccred Bog Rush.

3. J. Drummondii. E. Meyer. DrummoiuTs Bog Rush.

4. J. Parryi. Engelm. Parry's Bog Rush. II. Luzula. DC.

1. L. parviflora. (Ehrh.) Desv. Small-floivcrcd Wood Rush.

2. L. spicata. (L.) DC. Spiked Wood Rush.

XVI. Liliaceae. Lily Family

Herbs or rarely woody plants; leaves at the base, or in whorls, or pairs on the stems; flowers borne singly, or in umbels, or racemes on a usually naked stem; fruit a seeded pod or berry, seeds various, wirtged or wingless.

Tribe Veratreae

I. Tofieldia. Huds.

1. T. glutinosa. (Michx.) Pers. Glutinous Asphodel.

2. T. palustris. Huds. Scottish Asphodel.

3. T. occidentalis. Watson Proc. Westcm Asphodel. II. Stexaxthium. (Gray.) Kunth.

1. S. occidentals Gray. Bronze Bells.

III. Zygadexus. Michx.

1. Z. elegans. Pursh Fl. Green Lily.

2. Z. venenosus. Wats. Poisonous Green Lily.

IV. Veratrum. (Tourn.) L.

1. V. viride. Ait. Indian Hellebore.

Tribe Allieae

V. Allium. (Tourn.) L.

1. A. cernuum. Roth. Pink Garlic.

2. A. Schoenoprasum var. sibiricum. (L.) Hartm.

Purple Garlic.

Tribe Lilieae

VI. Lilium. (Tourn.) L.

1. L. montanum- A. Nels. Mountain Lily.

2. L. columbianum Hansen. Western Lily. VII. Fritillaria. L.

I. F. pudica. Yellow Fritllary. VIII. Erythronium. L.

I. E. grandiflorum. Pursh. Yellow Adder's Tongue.

2. E. grandiflorum var. parviflorum. Watson. Small Yellow Adder's Tongue.

3. E. montanum. Watson. Mountain Adder's Tongue. IX. Calochortus. Pursh.

1. C. macrocarpus. Dougl Green-banded Mariposa.

2. C. Lyallii. Baker. Pale Mariposa.

Tribe Polygonate.E

X. Clintonia. Raf.

1. C. uniflora. Kunth. Queen-cup. XI. Smilacixa. Desf.

1. S. amplexicaulis. Nutt. False Solomon's Seal.

2. S. stellata. Desf. Star-flowered Solomon's Seal. XII. Disporum. Salisb.

1. D. trachycarpum. B. and H. Fairy Bells.

2. D. oreganum. B. and H. Woolly Disporum.

XIII. Streptopus. Michx.

1. S. amplexifolius. (L.) DC. White Twisted-stalk.

2. S. roseus. Michx. Pink Twisted-stalk.

XIV. Kruhsea.

1. K. streptopoides. (Ledeb.) Kearney. Short-stemmed Twisted-stalk.

XVII. I Rid Aceae. Iris Family

Herbs with rootstocks, tubers or conns; leaves equitant, sheathing, linear, two-ranked; flowers regular or irregular, perfect, from a spathe of two or more leaves or bracts; fruit three-celled, many-seeded.

I. Slsyrinchium. L.

1. S. angustifolium. Mill. Stiff Blue-eyed Grass.

2. S. idahoense. Bicknell. Twisted Blue-eyed Grass.

3. S. septentrionale. Bicknell. Small Blue-eyed Grass.

4. S. californicum. Yellow Blue-eyed Grass.