Allium L. Onion

Flowers in rounded umbels, surrounded by a membranous spathe. Perianth-segments distinct. Foetid herbs with radical leaves and a usually naked scape.

Allium Victorialis L

Rootstock as thick as the finger, sheathed, 2-3 inches long. Stem 1- 1 1/2 feet high, leafy nearly to the middle, naked and angular above. Leaves elliptical or lanceolate, narrowed into a short leaf-stalk, with a long sheath, persistent. Leaves 3-8 inches long, 1-3 inches broad, grass-green. Perianth whitish green, funnel-shaped. Stamens longer than perianth. Umbel globular, fertile, large.

Pastures and rocky, bushy places in the calcareous Alps; local. June to August.


Carpathians, Riesengebirge; Eastern, Central, and Western Alps; Jura, Vosges, Black Forest, Cevennes, Pyrenees, Caucasus, Northern Asia, N. America.

Allium Schoznoprasum L. Chives. (Plate XV)

About a foot high. Umbel contracted into a dense globular head of rather large purple-pink flowers. Perianth-segments very pointed. Stamens longer than the perianth. Spatha of 2 or rarely 3 coloured bracts, shorter than the flowers. Leaves very narrow, hollow.

Rocky and damp pastures, etc., in the sub-Alps and hills. June to August.


Europe, Western and Northern Asia, N. America. British.

An Alpine form of this is known as A. roseum Krock.=i4. sibiricum L. It grows in Alpine pastures up to 8000 feet.

Allium Angulosum L

Stem 1-2 feet high, angular towards the top. Leaves linear, strongly channelled. Spatha of 2-3 ovate-acute bracts. Umbel rather flat. Flowers rose, rarely white. Stamens nearly as long as the petals. Rootstock horizontal, with several oblong bulbs.

Damp meadows in the plains and lower mountains. June to September.


Switzerland, France, Central and Northern Europe, Caucasus, Siberia.

Allium Fallax Roem. Et Schultes

A very similar plant with horizontal stock emitting oblong bulbs. Leaves linear, convex, and obscurely nerved, without being keeled, shorter than the stem.

Rocks in the mountains. June to September.


Jura, Alps, Cevennes, Corbieres, Pyrenees, Central Europe, Armenia.

Gagea Salisbury

Flowers yellow or greenish, in umbels or corymbs, with leafy bracts on a leafless scape springing from the bulb. Stamens attached to the base of the perianth-segments.

Gagea Lutea Ker-Gawler

Bulbs small. Leaves 1 or very rarely 2, broadly linear, pointed. Stem slender about 6 inches high. Flowers 3 or 4 in a loose, flat, umbel-like raceme, with leaf-like bracts as long or longer than the pedicels. Perianth-segments oblong and spreading, yellow, green underneath.

Meadows, hedges, and orchards. May, June.


Alps, Jura, Vosges, Ardennes, Cevennes, Pyrenees, Corsica, Europe, especially Central, Caucasus, Siberia. British.