Dingy yellow.




New England southward.

Time of Bloom

May, June.

Flowers; growing singly, or in pairs on slender pedicels that droop from the axil of each leaf. Perianth: bell-shaped; six-toothed. Stamens: six. Pistil: one. Fruit: a small, globular, blue berry. Leaves: alternate; broadly ovate; almost sessile; growing on the upper side of the stem; covered with soft hairs and whitish underneath. Stem; curving gracefully; glabrous. Rootstock: jointed; scarred.

There is no doubt but that the round scars left on the root-stock of the Solomon's seal by the dead stalks of the preceding year, do resemble the impressions made by seals upon wax; but wherein these seals resemble those used by Solomon must ever remain a mystery to those that have not had some private information on the subject.