7. Ambrosia. Tourn. Ragweed

1. A. artemisiaefo'lia, L. (Hog-weed.) Stem erect, 1-3 feet high, branching, hairy. Leaves twice-pinnatifid, the lobes linear, paler beneath. - Waste places everywhere, but not so common northward.

2. A. trif'ida, L., (Great Ragweed) is found in low grounds in the south-west of Ontario; also at Montreal and Ottawa. Stem stouter than No. 1, 2-4 feet high. Leaves opposite, deeply 3-lobed, the lobes oval-lanceolate and serrate.

8. Franseria

Cav. F. Hookeria'na, Nutt. Low and diffuse, hairy. Leaves bipinnatifid, at least the lower ones. - N.W.

9. Tanacetum

L. Tansy. 1. T. vulga're, L. (Common Tansy.) A very strong-scented herb, 2-4 feet high, smooth. Leaves twice-pinnate, the lobes serrate, as are also the wings of the petiole. Heads densely corymbed. Var. cpispum, DC, is easily distinguished by its crisper and more incised leaves. - Old gardens and roadsides near dwellings.

2. T. Huronen'se, Nutt. Hairy when young. Heads usually few, and much larger than in T. vulgare. Pistillate flowers flattened, instead of terete as in T. vulgare. - River-margins, Atl. Prov.

10. Artemisia. L. Wormwood

1. A. Canadensis, Michx. Stem smooth or sometimes hoary with silky down, erect, usually brownish. Lower leaves twice-pinnatifid, the lobes linear. - Shores of the Great Lakes.

2. A. caudata, Michx., has the lobes of the dissected leaves filiform, and the heads small, in a wand-like long panicle. Disk-flowers perfect but sterile; marginal florets fertile. - Atl. Prov. and N.W.

3. A. dracunculoi'des, Pursh. Glabrous or slightly hoary. Stems 2-4 feet high, branching. Leaves mostly entire, linear, sometimes 3-cleft. Heads very numerous, in a compound panicle. - N.W. plains.

4. A. glau'ca, Pall. A smaller plant than the last, of stricter aspect. Leaves linear to oblong-lanceolate. - N.W. plains.

5. A. vulga'ris, L. (Common Mug wort.) Stem tall, and branching above. Leaves green and smooth above, white-woolly beneath, pinnatifid, the lobes linear-lanceolate. Heads small, erect, in panicles. Flowers purplish. - Old fields near dwellings.

6. A. Ludovicia'na, Nutt. White-woolly throughout. Leaves lanceolate, the upper entire, the lower lobed or toothed, the upper surface sometimes green and smoothish. Heads small, mostly sessile in narrow panicles. -- N.W.

Var. gnaphalo'des, Torr, and Gr., has the leaves serrate at the tips. - N.W.

7. A. bien'nis, Willd. Glabrous; stem strict, 1-3 feet high. Leaves once- or twice-pinnately parted, the lobes linear, acute. Heads in very short axillary spikes or clusters, crowded in a narrow leafy panicle. Florets ail fertile. - N.W., and spreading through the Eastern Provinces.

8. A. Absinthium, L. (Common Wormwood.) Somewhat shrubby. Whole plant silky hoary. Stem angular, branched, the branches with drooping extremities. Leaves 2-3-pinnately divided, the lobes lanceolate. Heads nodding. - Escaped from gardens in some places.

9. A. frig'ida, Willd. (Pasture Sage-brush.) A low plant, growing in tufts, white-silky. Leaves dissected into narrowly linear divisions. Heads globose, in racemes. N.W.

10. A. ca'na, Pursh. (Sage-brush.) Slightly shrubby, 1-2 feet high, much branched, silvery-hoary. Leaves narrow, tapering to both ends, small, mostly entire. Heads clustered in a leafy narrow panicle, few-flowered. - N. W. plains.

11. Erechti'tes. Raf. Fireweed

E. hieracifo'lia, Raf. Stem tall, grooved. Leaves sessile, lanceolate, cut-toothed, upper ones clasping. Common in places recently over-run by fire.

12. Gnapha'lium. L. Cudweed

1. G. decur'rens, Ives. (Everlasting.) Stem erect, 2 feet high, clammy-pubescent, white-woolly on the branches. Heads corymbed. Leaves linear-lanceolate, partly clasping, decurrent. - Fields and hillsides.

2. G. polyceph'alum, Michx. (Common Everlasting.) Stem erect, 1-2 feet high, white-woolly. Heads corymbed. Leaves lanceolate, tapering at the base, not decurrent. - Old pastures and woods.

3. G. uligino'sum, L. (Low Cudweed.) Stem spreading, 3-6 inches high, white-woolly. Leaves linear. Heads small in crowded terminal clusters subtended by leaves. - Low grounds.

4. G. sylvat'icum, L. - Erect, usually 9-12 inches high. Leaves linear. Heads axillary, nearly sessile, forming an erect leafy spike. Scales obtuse with a brown bar across each near the top. - Atl. Prov.

13. Antennaria. Gaertn. Everlasting

1. A. margarita'cea, R. Brown. (Anaphalis margari-tacea, Benth. and Hook., in Macoun's Catalogue.) (Pearly Everlasting.) Stem in clusters, downy. Leaves linear-lanceolate, taper-pointed, sessile. Scales of the involucre pearly-white. Heads in corymbs. - Along fences and in open woods.

2. A. plantagrinifo'lia, Hook. (Plantain-leaved E.) Stem scape-like, 4-6 inches high. Radical leaves spathulate or obovate; stem-leaves few, linear. Heads small, in a crowded corymb. Involucre white or purplish. - Old pas. tures and woods.

14. Lia' Tris. Schreb. Blazing-Star

1. L cylindra'cea, Michx. Stem wand-like, 6-18 inches high. Leaves linear, rigid, generally 1-nerved. Heads few, cylindrical. Scales with abruptly mucronate tips. Pappus plumose. - Sandy fields and thickets.

2. L. spicata, Willd. Stem stout and rigid, 2-5 feet high, very leafy. Leaves linear, erect, the lowest 3-5-nerved. Heads crowded in a long spike. Scales obtuse. Pappus not obviously plumose. - Low grounds, south-western Ontario.

3. L. scario'sa, "Willd. Heads many-flowered, large, few or many. Pappus not obviously plumose. Stem 2-5 feet high, stout, pubescent or hoary. Leaves lanceolate. Scales of the involucre obovate or spathulate, often with coloured tips or edges. - S, W. Ontario, and rather common N.W.

4. L. punctata, Hook. Heads 4-6-flowered, usually many in a dense spike. Pappus plumose.. Stem 10-30 inches high, stout. Scales of the involucre acuminate. Leaves narrowly linear. - N.W.