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The Xylaria pictured is a woody fungus which is common, growing on logs or at the bases of trees or stumps. The collections of asci {perithecid) are fully imbedded in the fleshy part of the fungus {stroma), which is formed almost wholly of hardened mycelium.

Hy-po-cre-a'-les Cor'-dy-ceps E'-laph-6'-my-ces Sphe-ri-a'-les Zy-la'-ri-a

Order Spheriales 322Cordyceps capitala (Holmsk.), Lk.

Cordyceps capitala (Holmsk.), Lk.

(Parasitic on Elaphomyces.)


Lycogala epidendron.

Lycogala epidendron.

Reduced. See page 144.

Floccose Chanterelle (edible). (Cantharellus floccosus, Schw.)

Floccose Chanterelle (edible). (Cantharellus floccosus, Schw.).

See page 53.

Mutinus Caninus, Huds.

Mutinus Caninus, Huds.

See page I2O.

Slippery Leotia (Edible'

Slippery Leotia (Edible'.

{Leotia. lubrica (Scop.), Pers.)

Gelatinous, gristly; spore-bearing body (ascoma), green or yellow ; stem yellow Family, Geoglossaces. Class, Ascomycetes. Order, Helrellales. See p. 138

Jelly Like Tremellodon (Edible, Mel.) (Tremellodon gelatinosum)

Jelly-Like Tremellodon (Edible, Mel.) (Tremellodon gelatinosum) Surface white to grey: teeth white. Class, Basidiomycetes. Order, Tremellales. See Genus, p. 116.