Low evergreen shrubs. Branchlets very slender, somewhat 4-sided, the bark becoming transversely-checked; pith minute, round, porous, Buds solitary, sessile, ovoid, appressed, small, the lateral with about 2 pairs of scales, the terminal larger with more visible scales. Leaves small, nearly sessile. Leaf-scars opposite, minute, half-elliptical; bundle-trace 1, indistinct; stipule-scars none.

Fig. 191. Pachistima canbyi

Fig. 191. Pachistima canbyi.

1. P. canbyi Gray. Canby's Mountain-lover. Dwarf shrub with rooting branches ascending to 25 cm.; leaves linear, serrulate, obtuse, revolute, 6-25 mm. long; fruit a pod about 4 mm. long. Rocky limestone slopes, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio (Fig. 191).