By following instructions given here you will be surprised at the excellent results. Never soak any pie fruit over night. To one quart of boiling water add one-half pound of berries, apples or apricots, one-half teaspoonful salt, cook ten minutes until swelled up well, add three-quarters of a pound of granulated sugar, and one teaspoonful butter; cook five minutes longer, then stir into this two ounces or five tablespoonfuls of corn starch, dissolved in a little cold water; stir quickly a few moments and set away to cool. This I guarantee to make the most delicate pies from any dried fruits. If fruit is very tart, like apricots, add a little more sugar; with apricots you can always cook some apples, as apricots are almost too rich; some of the ready pie seasoning can be used to advantage in almost all pies. This mixture can be made in larger quantities and put away in cans or jars, as it keeps well.