Pie plates should always be greased with butter, then dusted with flour, or what is better, cracker dust; this prevents the pie from tasting greasy after standing a day or two. Never have too rich a pie crust for the bottom, and always roll out very thin. For apple, and fresh fruit pies generally, it is advisable to dust the pie crusts with cracker dust before filling with the fruit, as this absorbs the juice of the fruit while baking. If fresh fruit pies are to be packed in lunch baskets, the following is a very valuable recipe: Mix the berries or other fruit, as soon as picked, with sufficient sugar, a little water, and put away if possible over night; before using, drain off the juice, and cook it, adding three tablespoonfuls of corn starch to every pint of juice, then add the fruit, mix, and it is ready for use. This pie will cut like jelly. Brown sugar is very good for pies and gives a nice flavor