Take eight parts of resin and one part wax, to which, when melted together, add four parts plaster Paris. Use while hot. Use no more than is sufficient to cover well the parts to be cemented.

Another good cement for marble and alabaster is prepared as follows: Stir to a thick batter with silicate of soda, 12 parts of Portland cement, 6 parts slaked lime, 6 parts finely powdered lead, 1 part infusoria earth. The cemented object need not be heated; after twenty-four hours the fracture is firm.

If it is desirable for colored marble to use a colored cement, a small addition of either ivory-black, ultramarine, oxide of iron, etc., will give it the desired nuance.

Wax For Name-Plates Or Syrup-Plates

If the wax should get worn off, replace by heating and filling with sealing wax. Alcohol will clean the superfluous wax off the surface.