In regard to the preparation of syrups, follow closely directions appended hereafter. A great many formulas are attached both for the bottling and especially for dispensing.

The syrups should be of the best quality, and a variety of them should be kept. The cream syrup should be prepared from pure cream, if it can be had uniformly sweet and fresh; but as this is seldom practicable, condensed milk may be substituted.

Keep the apparatus and everything connected with it scrupulously clean, and the metal work brightly polished.

The use of shaved or broken ice in the soda water, when drawn, a, Dispensing room; b, Rear room; c, Todium; d. Dispensing table; e, Chair;/, Portable fountain; g, Bouvette: h, Closet; i, Door.

Fig. 343.   German Drink Hall

Fig. 343. - German Drink Hall.

Fig. 344.   Ground Plan of Fig. 343

Fig. 344. - Ground Plan of Fig. 343.

Drives off the gas by its mechanical action, and deprives the water of its pungency, rendering it cold, but insipid.