Syrup, four pints; Rhine wine, two pints; brandy, two ounces; sherry, two ounces. Another. - Syrup, one gallon; champagne lemonade extract, four pints. Proportion, two ounces per pint, and four ounces per quart bottle. Color to suit. The strength may be improved by the addition of alcohol, and a general improvement of flavor is made by the addition of some essence of oenanthic ether or artificial grape essence.

Champagne Cider

Syrup, one gallon; artificial essence of apple, four drachms; artificial essence of pear, four drachms; citric acid solution, two ounces; foam extract, two drachms; sugar color to suit. Improved by some soluble lemon essence.

Cider, Carbonated

The same.


See Lemon.


Syrup, one gallon; artificial cherry essence, four drachms; fruit acid, one ounce.


1. Syrup, one gallon; chocolate, or cocoa, roasted, one to two pounds; add the chocolate in small fragments, and stir until dissolved, then filter and when cold add extract vanilla two to three ounces. The chocolate may also be dissolved separately in some water over a slow fire, strained and mixed with the syrup. 2. Syrup, one gallon; extract of chocolate or cocoa, four ounces.

Chocolate Cream

The same ingredients with about one pint of condensed milk or cream.


Syrup, one gallon; extract or essence of cinnamon or cassia, two ounces. If an amber color be required, color with some red and sugar-coloring.


Syrup, one pint; claret, two pints; or dissolve some sugar in the claret without heat.


Syrup, one gallon; decoction or infusion of ten ounces ground Java coffee, filtered, diluted to make one or two pints. Another.

- Syrup, one gallon; extract or tincture of coffee, about four ounces. Color to suit.


The same with cream or fresh milk; color with sugar-coloring.


Syrup, one gallon; essence of coca, three ounces; fruit acid, one ounce; foam extract and coloring to suit.

Cream Soda

This denotes a syrup flavored at the discretion of the bottler. Cream means "the best". Having so great a variety of flavors, the carbonator makes up a combination of his own and calls it cream - soda extract.


Fresh cream, one half pint; syrup, one pint. Another. - Cream, one-half pint; fresh milk, one-half pint, powdered sugar, one pound, or plain syrup one to two pints. Mix by shaking and keep in a cool place. Where genuine cream can not be obtained, the following is an excellent substitute: pure milk, two quarts; corn starch, three table-spoonfuls; egg, one; mix the corn starch with a little milk, and beat up the egg thoroughly. The cream syrups are especially adapted for the dispensing counter.


Syrup, one gallon; cream-soda extract, or any fancy flavor, about four ounces; phosphoric acid, one ounce; color to suit with caramel or red-coloring, or with both.