Definition Of Plain, Fruit, And Compound Syrups. - Preparation of Plain Syrups. - Syrups made with Infusions, Inferior Sugar or with Fruit-Juices (Fruit Syrups). - Erroneous Syrup Preparation. - Process of Syrup Mak-ingaccording to the U.S.P. and N.D. - Cold vs. Hot Syrup Process. - Conditions and Strength of Syrups. - Tables of Specific Gravity. - The Sac-charoraeter. - The Cold Syrup Process. - Various other practices for Cold Process. - Hot Syrup Process. - Refining Sugar. - Syrup-Making Plants. - Cleansing Syrup-Making Apparatus. - Clarification of Syrups. - The Chemical Means; Charcoal and Albumen. - The Mechanical means; Carbonate of and Calcined Magnesia. - Paper Pulp. - Pure Quartz Sand, Silica or Glass Sand. - Asbestos. - Pulverized Artificial Pumice Stone. - Kaolin, Alumina, Alum Earth, Pipe Clay, Potter's and Brick Clay. - Analysis of Kaolin. - Aluminates Deleterious to Aroma. - Talcum or Talc. - Purifying Talcum from Iron. - Economizing the Clarifying Meciums. - The Best Clarifying Material. - Clarifying Apparatus. - Reclarification. - Rapid Clarification. - Regaining Retained Syrup. -Separation of Coloring Mat-ter. - Syrup Vessels. -Preservation of Syrups. - Restoration of Syrups.

Definition Of Plain, Fruit, And Compound Syrups

Syrups are concentrated solutions of sugar in water, or in aqueous or very slightly alcoholic solutions of various substances. Syrup made of sugar and water is called simple or plain syrup. When sugar is dissolved in fresh or fermented juice of fruits, wine, etc., it is called fruit syrup. These syrups are obtained in the cold way or by heat. Compound syrup, in the manufacture of carbonated beverages, is that to which all the flavors and other ingredients of a beverage have been added, compounded. Before we can proceed to give directions for compounding the syrups, which play a highly important part in the manufacture, we must previously know how to prepare the plain or fruit syrups, and the extracts and essences, and all other ingredients constituting a compound syrup or entering into the beverage.