Formula I - Java coffee, roasted and ground, four ounces; vanilla bean sliced, one drachm; diluted alcohol, sufficient.

Formula II

Coffee roasted and ground, one to four ounces; cinnamon bruised, thirty grains; vanilla sliced, thirty grains; diluted alcohol sufficient quantity.


Coffee extracted as before with various proportions of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves, etc., will make agreeable variations, but the coffee may also be extracted alone with diluted alcohol, and to the extract added various other soluble flavoring extracts, essences, thus obtaining the same results. Moisten the drugs with some of the liquid, and pack in percolator. Saturate with enough diluted alcohol to leave a stratum above it. Macerate for forty-eight hours, leaving tightly covered the percolator; then proceed to percolate, pour on enough diluted alcohol until sixteen fluid ounces of extract or any quantity desired is obtained.

Formula III

Another process of obtaining this extract is by digestion. Take of ground Ceylon coffee five pounds; vanilla bean sliced, one-half ounce; cinnamon bruised or ground, one and one-half drachm; alcohol of 95 per cent, five pints; water five pints; put in still and digest for twenty-four hours. When cold filter.

Tincture Of Coffee

Use the best kind, roast to light brown and grind, or, better, powder in an iron mortar. Macerate one pound of the powdered coffee with three or five pints of diluted alcohol.