Formula I

Cocoa roasted and powdered, or chocolate, eight ounces; cinnamon, bruised, thirty grains; pimento, bruised, fifteen grains; vanilla, sliced (or sufficient tincture of vanillin), fifteen grains; alcohol, diluted, one pint.

Formula II

Cocoa or chocolate, eight ounces; vanilla, sliced, thirty grains; alcohol, diluted, one pint.

Formula III

Cocoa or chocolate, eight ounces; tincture of balsam Peru, one drachm; alcohol, diluted, one pint.

Other formulas may be put up by employing mace, nutmeg, curacoa, orange peel or sweet orange peel, cardamom, etc., with cocoa or chocolate. All substances must be ground, bruised or sliced. As the admixtures of starch, etc., of commercial cocoa or chocolate are pretty nearly of the same weight, we propose equal quantities. However, if an aromatic choco -late is employed, that is already flavored, the aroma of the fluid extract of chocolate will be stronger, unless the proportions of the other additions as per formulae are reduced. The extract prepared after Formula I. will be the best in aroma. The commercial extracts or essences are colored.

Directions: - Use diluted alcohol, moisten the drugs with about six ounces of the diluted alcohol, pack in a percolator, pour on enough alcohol until a stratum remains above the saturated powder, cover the percolator and macerate forty-eight hours, then percolate; add enough alcohol until sixteen fluid ounces of extract are received. These extracts will be miscible with aqueous liquids.

Tincture Of Cocoa Or Chocolate

Macerate one pound cocoa or chocolate, both powdered, with five pints of diluted alcohol. The tincture is improved in aroma by the same additions as proposed for the extract.