One scale of larger capacity for weighing considerable quantities at one time, with proper avoirdupois weights. Another smaller scale of about five pounds capacity, for weighing quantities from half an ounce up to five pounds, with the proper set of avoirdupois weights. A third and sensitive scale for weighing from one milligramme up to 60 milligrammes (one grain) and from one grain upwards to four drachms or one ounce. The proper weights are a set of gramm weights from about one gramme down to one milligramme, and another set from about four drachms down to one grain. This set of scales and weights enables the operator to quickly weigh all quantities, however small they may be, and should not fail to have a place in a properly equipped car-bonator's laboratory. An extra set of weights, gramme weights, from one gramme up to 1000 grammes (L kilogramme) is advisable, to weigh in either system, as some formulas permit.

Fig. 354.   The Carbonator's Analytical Laboratory

Fig. 354. - The Carbonator's Analytical Laboratory.