This oil is obtained from the coriander fruit,which grows in China and Europe, where it is also cultivated, as well as in the United States and some parts of South America. The seeds are ground, and then distilled with water or by means of steam, yielding from one-half to one per cent. Coriander oil is colorless or pale-yellow, has a mild and agreeable aromatic odor and taste. Its specific gravity is 0.860 to 0.870, and commences to boil at about 150° C. (302° F.); dissolves readily in alcohol.


According to Leonhardt it has been found adulterated with oil of orange, which is detected by its insolubility in an equal bulk of eighty-five per cent, alcohol.


Enters conjointly in some compound flavors.

Essence and tincture of coriander are prepared as directed for those of cloves.