Good Bottles Necessary. - Glass and its Components. - Etching on Glass. - Writing on Glass. - Action of Water, Acids and Alkalies; Poor Bottles Easily Attacked. - Colored Bottleware; Deleterious Effect of Light upon Beverages; Desirable Colors for Bottles. - Testing Bottles. - Size of Bot-tles. - Protection for Marked Bottles.

Good Bottles Necessary

As the means of dispensing the various manufactured beverages, there is the necessity of having effective bottles for the different purposes for which they are required, and this is next in importance to having effective machinery for the manufacture of the contents. It is not only that they must have the necessary points to make them retain the gaseous properties in the waters - which are known only to the technicalist - but they must be appreciated by the public, as consumers of the drinks. This, after all, is the main point, as it is not merely the saving of corks and time in filling that has to be considered.