The suspicious organisms in Croton-water, as published in the Medical Record, may well be described here in order to make the manufacturer of carbonated drinks acquainted with the impurities of hydrant waters and demonstrate the absolute necessity of their thorough purification before use.

The suspicious organisms are figured in the cut from life by Dr. Cuzner, of Peekskill. He selected and made the mounts whence they were drawn, 450 diameters.

Understand they are referred to as suspicious, and as possibly nocent. What is said must be taken in a suggestive, rather than in a didactic manner, with such practical remarks as may occur in passing.

A. Epithelia. - These are very common in all hydrant drinking-waters, but not so abundant in well-waters. Those in the cut were thought to be human, though they might have come from some other animal. Note the little oblong dots by the side of the place of nucleus: these dots constitute a parasitic vegetation, such as are seen in the epithelium of consumptives (O., Fig. 1), cases of typhoid fever, scarlatina, diphtheria (vide the elegant drawings of Salisbury's monograph on diphtheria).