An essence of rose is the preparation which finds employment in the compounding or rather improving of some carbonated beverages, viz.: to impart a delicate " bouquet" to ginger ale, lemonade, etc., and is much prized by fastidious blenders. Its addition is a matter of taste only.

Formula I

Concentrated Essence. - Oil of rose, two drachms; alcohol 95°, sixteen fluid ounces; carmine solution sufficient to color only if made for sale.

For a cheaper but very good extract, half oil of rose and half rose-geranium may be taken. The proportions of oil can of course also be varied.

Formula II

Soluble Essence. - For the carbonator's purpose this formula will be better and water soluble. Rose oil, one drachm; alcohol 95°, eight ounces; water, eight ounces. Cut the oil with powdered pumice, etc., and some sugar in a mortar; triturate until absorbed; first add by degrees the eight ounces of alcohol, agitate until all dissolved; then add gradually the eight ounces of water, and continue to agitate; filter and refilter until bright. By using a fraction of oil of rose-geranium, instead of oil of rose, a cheaper essence is obtained.1