1. Ten gallons water; two lemons, cut in slices; two gallons honey; a handful dried ginger root. Mix together and boil one-half hour, carefully skimming all the time. While boiling add two ounces hops. Remove from the fire, and while the liquid is lukewarm add a strong yeast, and put into a cask to work about three weeks, when it is fit for use.

2. One gallon water, three pounds strained honey. Boil about a half hour, adding to it one-half ounce hops; skim carefully, and drain the skimmings through a hair sieve, returning what runs through. Remove from the fire, and when the liquid is lukewarm, stir into it one-half pint yeast, which is sufficient for nine gallons mead. Put into a cask and let it work over, filling it up until fermentation subsides. Put a strong paper over the bung-hole. This mead may be flavored with spices while boiling, and makes a delicious summer drink.