The essential oil of limes is extracted from the rind before crushing to get the lime-juice, by grating on rasps with the hands.

The lime-tree is related to the order of Aurantiacece, indigenous to the West Indies, Central and South America.

The oil extracted by hand is called the hand-made oil. Another volatile oil of limes is obtained by distillation. 100 gallons of lime juice will yield by distillation about three quarts of essential oil.

Oil of lime has a fragrant odor, resembling that of the finest oil of lemon; in taste the resemblance is also the same. Its boiling point and reaction were found to closely correspond with oil of lemon; its specific gravity is 0.8741; in solubility it differs greatly. While pure oil of lemon is soluble in seven parts of alcohol, commercial oil of lemon, sometimes barely in fifteen parts of alcohol (specific gravity 0.838), the oil of limes from Trinidad was found to be soluble one in five parts, also the other commercial oils of limes.

Essence Of Lime Oil

Prepare as directed for the essence of lemon.