The accompanying engraving represents a sectional view of Jewett's Filter and Cooler, with a portion of the vessel containing the filtering material. The article represented is new, and has recently been put upon the market by the The John C. Jewett Manufacturing Co., Buffalo, N. Y., U. S. A. In their circular referring to this filter, the manufacturers state that the water is poured into the general receptacle A, from which it passes through the perforated cup (which is filled with sponge) into the gravel bed B. At the bottom of this gravel-bed is an open space C, where whatever "dirt" not caught in the gravel will settle, to be drawn off by means of the brass thumb-screw at the back of the filtering vessel. Through small apertures at the bottom of the partition, between the gravel beds B and D, the water passes into the latter, where it is driven upward through the gravel to apartment E, We claim that at this stage of proceedings the water is fully as pure as any gravel or stone filter can make it. The water then passes through openings at the top of apartment E, into the filtering bed proper, F, consisting of layers of gravel, sand and recarbonized charcoal. This bed surrounds the gravel beds B and D, and is of sufficient capacity to thoroughly purify the same quantity of water as any other filter of its size. From this it will be seen that this filter not only removes all the visible or tangible impurities in the water as thoroughly as any gravel or stone filter, but it also has the advantages that charcoal filters possess as ordinarily constructed. The grosser impurities of the water being removed by the gravel, leaves but little to be intercepted by the charcoal, therefore rendering it less liable to become foul or clogged by organic matter than is usual in charcoal filters. A feature of construction in this filter is that new filtering vessels can be supplied as required at about the same price as the cost of repacking old ones.

Fig. 19.   Jewett Filter. Sectional View

Fig. 19. - Jewett Filter. Sectional View.