This filter apparatus is for filtering and aerating the water. According to the description given, "It consists of a strongly built machine. The outside cylinder, A, is stationary and is fitted up with a powerful brake, B, which can be applied to the revolving cylinder, driving pulleys, C; a discharge pipe, D, leading from the chamber that removes the filtered fluid, and a second discharge pipe, E, from an entirely distinct chamber, in which the filth and impurities extracted by the filter are collected. F is the revolving cyl inder, the 'basket,' as it is termed, the walls of which are of copper, finely perforated. G is the supply pipe by which the water to be filtered is admitted, and H is the belt to the counter shaft.

"The water is first introduced into a rapidly revolving Cylinder, around which a filtering material adjusts itself, and through which it passes, thus freeing the water from all suspended impurities.

"The cylinder, which revolves with lightning rapidity, is perforated with innumerable small holes, which break the water, as it passes from the filtering medium, into a spray-like mist, and while in this finely subdivided condition the oxygen in the air shall act upon it chemically. The water then falls into a reservoir at the bottom, and flows from the machine bright, and, it is claimed, deprived of all contaminating impurities".

Fig. 18.   DeLisser's Power Filter

Fig. 18. - DeLisser's Power Filter.