" Fill up the bowl then, fill it high, Fill all the glasses then: for why Should every creature drink but I Why, man of morals, tell me why ? "

A. Cowley.

Grape Ginger Punch

Squeeze the juice from five lemons, and put into a punch bowl with one cup of sugar, several bruised mint leaves, and one half cup of cold water. Stir well to dissolve the sugar, and let stand for half an hour. Then put in a large piece of ice, add one pint of grape juice and quart of ginger ale. Decorate with thin slices of lemon.

Raspberry Punch

Boil one half cup of sugar with one cup of water for five minutes. When cool add one cup of Raspberry Shrub, one cup of club soda, one half cup of orange juice, one fourth cup of lemon juice, one half cup of tea, and one half cup of pineapple syrup. Pour over large piece of ice in punch bowl, and serve when thoroughly chilled.

Harvard Punch

Cook one quart of cranberries in one quart of boiling water until soft. Strain, and when cool pour over a large piece of ice in a punch bowl.

Add two thirds of a cup of orange juice, three tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, and one cup of sugar, or more, according to taste. Stir until sugar is dissolved and dilute with ice water or Apollinaris.

Yale Punch

Take one cup of sugar and pour over it one cup of hot tea. When the sugar is dissolved, add three quarters of a cup of orange juice, and one third of a cup of lemon juice. Strain through a fine sieve over a large piece of ice in a punch bowl, and before serving pour in one pint of ginger ale and one pint of Apollinaris. Decorate with slices of orange.

Columbia Punch

To one quart of cold water, add two cupfuls of sugar and two cupfuls of grated pineapple. Boil for twenty minutes. Then add one half cupful of lemon juice and one cupful of orange juice. When thoroughly cool, strain, and add ice water.

Rainbow Punch

Put into a kettle one cupful of honey, one cupful of sugar, four cupfuls of water, the juice of two lemons, strained, and the grated rinds of four oranges. Boil for five minutes, then set aside until thoroughly cool. Put a large piece of ice in a punch bowl, adding the juice of ten oranges, three oranges sliced, one grated pineapple, and one quart of strawberries. Then pour over the syrup, and serve when ice cold.

Lesbia Punch

Fill a punch bowl one quarter full of cracked ice. Add one half pound of powdered sugar, the juice of eight lemons, one half can of preserved pineapple, two sliced oranges, and one half gallon of water. Stir until sugar is dissolved and serve in tall glasses, decorated with fruit.

Sunset Punch

Take the juice of one dozen lemons, six oranges, and one third of a grated pineapple, and two cups of granulated sugar; strain through a fine sieve, and add to this enough water to make a gallon. Garnish it with strawberries and raspberries, or preserved cherries. Serve ice-cold.