Currant Punch

Mash one pint of red raspberries and one quart of ripe currants in a preserving kettle, adding two quarts of cold water and two cups of granulated sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and bring slowly to the boiling point. Remove from the fire and strain. When cool pour into a punch bowl over a large piece of ice, and serve in small glasses with a few fresh raspberries. More sugar may be added if desired.

Armistice Punch

Dissolve one and one half cups of sugar with one cup of hot water, adding one cup of orange juice and one half cup of lemon juice. Strain through a fine sieve into a punch bowl over cracked ice. When ready to serve, add one pint of ginger ale and one pint of Lithia. Put in one orange sliced in thin slices and some preserved cherries.

Allied Punch

To one quart of any canned fruit juice, such as peach, pineapple, raspberry, or strawberry (use a combination of juices or one alone), add one cup of sugar and one half cupful of lemon juice. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, and put in ice box to chill. When ready to serve add cracked ice and any charged water.

Overland Punch

Put one pint of white grape juice, and one quart of ginger ale on ice until very cold. Mix together when ready to serve.

Ginger Punch

Cut up one half pound of preserved ginger, add one quart of cold water, and one cup of sugar and boil for fifteen or twenty minutes. Add one half cup of orange juice and one half cup of lemon juice. When cool, strain, and serve with cracked ice. Apollinaris may be added when ready to serve.

Jamaica Punch

Boil one and one third cups of sugar in one quart of water with the grated rind of one lemon for ten minutes. When thoroughly cool, add two teaspoonfuls of ginger syrup, one half cup of orange juice, and one third cup of lemon juice. Strain, and serve with cracked ice.

California Punch

Mix one quart of white grape juice with one quart of Apollinaris and serve very cold in punch bowl, decorated with bunches of white grapes and leaves.

Sherbet Punch

Take one cupful of pineapple syrup, one and one fourth cupfuls of white grape juice, and two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Mix ingredients thoroughly and pour into a punch bowl, with one quart of pineapple water ice. Add a pint of Seltzer.

Beacon Punch

Mix the juice of seven lemons, three oranges, one cupful of pineapple juice, one half cupful of prune juice, two cupfuls of strawberry syrup, and one pint of tea. Sweeten with one cupful of plain syrup, and add three pints of water. Put in ice box until thoroughly chilled and serve with cracked ice in a punch bowl.

Manhattan Punch

Boil two cups of sugar with one cup of water ten minutes. Cool. Mix the juice of five oranges, five lemons, one can of grated pineapple, or one fresh one grated, one cup of tea, and two cups of strawberry syrup. When well blended, strain, and pour into punch bowl with enough ice water to make a gallon and a half of punch. Just before serving add one quart of Apollinaris, and decorate with strawberries or preserved cherries. This will be sufficient for fifty people.