" Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did."

Dr. William Butler, in Walton's Angler,

Strawberry Punch

Mash two quarts of strawberries, add the juice of two lemons and three quarts of water. Put in ice box for three or four hours, and then add one pound and a half of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, strain, serve with cracked ice, and decorate with fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Delight

Break an egg into a shaker, add four table-spoonfuls of sweet cream and four tablespoonfuls of strawberry syrup. Add finely cracked ice and shake until well blended. Strain into a glass and fill up with soda water.

Strawberry Water

Wash and mash a quart of ripe strawberries. Cover with one pound of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and set aside for three or four hours. Strain through a jelly bag and add one pint of cold water. Serve with cracked ice and Vichy.

Strawberry Vinegar

Make strawberry vinegar according to the recipe for making raspberry vinegar.

Quick Strawberry Vinegar

Put one quart of mashed strawberries, without adding any water, in a kettle, and heat slowly until the juice is extracted. Add one cup of sugar, boil for ten minutes, and add one half cup of vinegar. Strain.

Royal Strawberry

Dissolve two ounces of citric acid in one quart of cold water, and pour over three pounds of ripe strawberries. Put in a cool place for twenty-four hours. Strain, and pour over three fresh pounds of strawberries and let stand again for twenty-four hours. Strain. Measure, and add equal amount of granulated sugar. Boil for five minutes. Cool and pour into jars, but do not seal tight for three days, then seal securely and keep in a cool place.

Royal Raspberry may be made according to this same recipe.

Strawberry Nectar

Mix two tablespoonfuls of pineapple juice, two tablespoonfuls of strawberry juice, one teaspoonful each of vanilla, orange, and lemon extracts with one quart of plain syrup. Bottle for use. When serving put four tablespoonfuls in a tall glass half full of cracked ice and fill up with soda water.

Cream Fizz

Add to one quart of plain syrup, one teaspoonful of strawberry syrup, two teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract, and one pint of fresh cream. Put four tablespoonfuls into a glass with a little cracked ice and fill up with soda water.

Strawberry Crush

Wash and mash one pint of fresh strawberries and add one pint of vanilla syrup. To serve, put three tablespoonfuls into a glass with one table-spoonful of rich cream and one teaspoonful of powdered sugar. Fill up the glass with any charged water.

Molly Pitcher

Squeeze the juice from six lemons. Strain, and add one fourth pint of strawberry juice, one quart of maple syrup, and one quart of plain syrup. Put four tablespoonfuls of this syrup into a glass and fill up with Apollinaris.