Blackberry Syrup

Make according to the recipe for raspberry syrup.

Raspberry Syrup No. 1

Mash four quarts of red raspberries, and add one and one half pints of water, and boil for five minutes. Strain through a jelly bag. To four cups of juice add one cup of sugar. Put only half the juice with all the sugar, and boil for five minutes, then add the rest of the juice, and bring to the boiling point. Skim thoroughly and pour into sterilized jars to overflowing, and seal tightly.

Raspberry Syrup No. 2

One half ounce essence of raspberry, three fourths of an ounce of tartaric acid, and four quarts of plain syrup.

Orange Syrup No. 1

Grate the rind of six oranges and of one lemon, and add to the juice of one dozen oranges and two lemons, and let stand overnight. In the morning take six pounds of sugar and six quarts of water, and after the sugar is dissolved boil for twenty minutes. Skim. When cool add the strained orange and lemon juice. Boil again for ten minutes, and pour into sterilized bottles. Dip corks in sealing wax.

Orange Syrup No. 2

Add two ounces tincture of orange peel to one pint of plain syrup. Mix well, and bottle.

Lemon Syrup No. 1

Grate the rinds of six lemons, and add to the juice of twelve lemons, and let stand overnight.

Make a syrup of six pounds of sugar and six quarts of boiling water. Boil for twenty minutes, and when cool, add the strained lemon juice. Bottle and seal. Serve with an equal quantity of cold water.

Lemon Syrup No. 2

Make a thick syrup by boiling two pounds of loaf sugar with one and one half cups of water. Add the juice of four lemons and one half ounce of citric acid, and bottle.

Lemon Syrup No. 3

Take off the rind of one lemon in thin fine strips, and place them in a jug. Remove the whole of the white pith, slice the lemon thinly, put it into the jug with one pound of loaf sugar and one half an ounce of tartaric acid. Pour in one pint of boiling water, and stir until the sugar is dissolved. When quite cold, strain the syrup into a bottle and cork tightly. A pleasant drink may be made by adding one part of this syrup to six parts of water.

Orgeat Syrup

Blanch one half pound of sweet almonds, and twelve bitter almonds. Pound to a paste, adding one half cup of orange flower water gradually to prevent them from oiling. Dilute with four cups of water and add one half cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Strain and bottle. This syrup does not keep well, and must be used quickly.

Vanilla Syrup

Add one quarter of an ounce of vanilla extract to two quarts of plain syrup. Mix well and bottle.

Clove Syrup

Add one teaspoonful of quintessence of cloves to a quart of plain syrup. Mix well and bottle.

Banana Syrup

One half ounce of essence of banana, two quarts of plain syrup, and a few drops of lemon extract. Mix well and bottle.

Maple Syrup

Dissolve five pounds of maple syrup, and one pound of glucose in one quart of water. Bring to a boil and color with caramel. Keep in bottles.

To serve, put four tablespoonfuls of the syrup into a tall glass, add the same amount of cream, and fill up the glass with carbonated water. A grating of nutmeg may be added.

Soda Syrup

Mix three pounds of granulated sugar and one and one half ounces of tartaric acid. Stir until dissolved in one quart of hot water. Beat the whites of three eggs and add to the syrup when it is thoroughly cold. Stir well and pour into bottles. To serve, add two tablespoonfuls of the mixture to a glass of water, and stir in a quarter of a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda.


Put one pound of white sugar in an iron kettle, and burn until it is dark red and thick. Remove from the fire and add a little hot water and bottle for use.