Boil three pints of milk. Do not let scorch. When it is lukewarm add one eighth of a cup of old zoolak. Stir briskly, and let it stand for four or five hours until it is thick.

Koumiss No. 1

Mix one pint of buttermilk, two quarts of sweet milk, and six lumps of sugar. Pour from one pitcher to another for fifteen or twenty minutes, or until the sugar is dissolved. Cover with cheesecloth, and let it stand in a warm place for twelve hours. Then pour it into pint bottles, and seal securely. Fill only to within one inch and a half of the top. The koumiss will be ready for use in four or five days. Keep bottles lying on their sides in a cool place.

Koumiss No. 2

Dissolve one fourth yeast cake in lukewarm water. Heat one quart of milk until lukewarm and add one tablespoonful of sugar and the yeast. Pour into bottles and seal at once securely. Stand in a warm place for twelve hours, then put on ice for twelve hours. It is then ready to serve. The milk should not be heated above 980 F. or 100° F. Do not fill the bottles full.

Milk For The Sick

Apollinaris, Seltzer, Vichy, or plain soda may be added to milk, if it can not be taken alone.

Hot Peppermint Cream

Mix two teaspoonfuls of sugar with two table-spoonfuls of milk and flavor with ten drops of essence of mint. Fill up with hot water and add a spoonful of whipped cream.

Or a cream peppermint may be added to a cup of hot water.

Oatmeal Gruel

Cook for three hours in a double boiler one half cup of oatmeal and three cups of boiling water. Season with one teaspoonful of salt. Or it may be cooked overnight in the tireless cooker. Strain and dilute with milk or cream.

Oatmeal Water

Mix two tablespoonfuls of oatmeal in a cupful of cold water until smooth. Add this to a quart of boiling water and boil for half an hour. Season with salt. Strain and serve either hot or cold.

Uncooked Oatmeal Water

Take a cupful of oatmeal, the juice and rinds of three lemons, cut thin, a cup of sugar, and put in a stone jug. Pour over three quarts of boiling water, and let it stand until the sugar is dissolved and it is cold. Then strain and chill.

Oatmeal And Cocoa

Take two thirds of a cup of fine oatmeal, three fourths of a cup of cocoa, one half cup of sugar, and pour over three quarts of boiling water. Stir well and set aside to cool. Strain and flavor with a teaspoonful of vanilla. Serve cold.

Oatmeal And Ginger

Mix three fourths of a cup of oatmeal, one fourth ounce of ground ginger, one fourth cup of brown sugar, and the grated rinds and juice of two lemons. Add two quarts of boiling water and boil for five minutes. When cool, strain, and serve.


Boil for twenty minutes two tablespoonfuls of oatmeal in a quart of water. Put in a blade of mace and a bit of lemon peel. Stir frequently. Strain and sweeten, and season with nutmeg and a little lemon peel.