Good strong and high-flavored Gin, Cordials, and Essences have heretofore only been produced by the aid of distillation. This is owing to the difficulty of dissolving the Oils, or, when dissolved, to prevent the Gin or Cordial from becoming cloudy or milky. By the use of this apparatus, Water or Spirit can be made to take up the Oil to any extent. Common Whiskey, when passed through the apparatus, cannot be distinguished from the best imported Gin-Cordials and Essences will come off clean, clear and bright, and c any required strength. The apparatus occupies but little space. runs night and day, requires no fire and but little attention - it is so very simple that a fifteen year old boy can produce liquors that would require the skill of an experienced distiller to equal. So faithful is it in its labors, that nothing is left for the operator but to barrel and bottle its productions, the superior qualities of which will command purchasers in any market. So readily are these liquors produced that ordinary auction prices will pay moderate profits.

Full and comprehensive instructions for making every variety of Gin, Cordial and Essence, and everything complete pertaining to the matter will be sent upon the receipt of Twenty-five Dollars.